Fashion Then and Now: Brandy

When you see Brandy, you may think of her latest hit featuring Chris Brown “Put It Down” or her hot tribute to Whitney Houston at the 2012 BET Awards. When I see Brandy, I think about the first time I saw here on T.V. When I was eight years old she was staring in “Moesha”. Through her show, movies, and music videos, I watched her go from a teen R&B singer to a strong independent woman. As we get older, our wardrobe tends to change. Brandy is no exception.

Albums and Music Videos

Brandy made her debut on to the music scene with her first album “Brandy”. Her large hats and loose fit clothing shoes that she is young and not trying to use sex appeal right away. In addition, her appearance makes her relatable to the teen audience. For a young singer, you want to get a strong fan bases with the youth, because they are more likely to purchase your cds. In addition, if one acts and sings about content that is beyond their age group, it may not be received well. From a style perspective, I think they made the right move. .

Album Art Supplied by The Brandy Blog

At the time, I was only four years old. The first song,I heard from Brandy was her duet with Monica, “The Boy is Mine”. At the time I was eight, I did not exactly know what they were talking about, but I had a general understanding of the concept. I loved how the song sounded as well as the setting of the video. Both are dressed in neutral colors. This is good, because it helps them stand out from the colorful rooms. Also, the close are sexy without being risqué. The Song was featured in her sophomore album “Never Say Never”.

Television and Movies

The next time I saw Brandy was in her show Moesha. Though the show started in 1996, I did not watch it regularly until 1995. Moesha covered issues and topics that preteens and young adults may not feel comfortable discussing with a parent or guardian. Through the show, viewers watch her struggle with accepting her step mother, Dee. She experience power struggles with her father Frank; as well as, common teen problem. To help her get through it, she had her two best friends Kim and Neecy, as well as her neighbor Hakeem and smoothie shop owner Andell. Moesha’s life changes were accompanied by wardrobe changes. In the first season, she wears a lot of color and occasionally african print outfits. There is nothing wrong with this, I’m sure we all have looked like a rainbow at one point in our lives. With the millennium right around the corner, she starts to wear stylish, modern, simplistic clothes. By the last season, Moesha has established her own sense of style and is no longer following trends and fads.

Though the show was cancelled, Moesha was thriving in the music industry as well as staring in a few films. Those where the following: Cinderalla (PG), Double Platinum (PG-13) , I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (Pg-13), and Osmosis Jones (PG). All four movies are really good. After the movies and a few albums, I didn’t hear or see much of Brandy.

Photos provided by IMDb

What Happened to Brandy?

Little did I know, all of the projects listed above occurred simultaneously. On top of the shows and the movies, she was working on her third album Full Moon (2002). This can be a lot for a young woman to take on. In addition, working in the industry during a stage of self discovery can delay and hinder your self definition. In a way, you have to stay in character or portray an image that sells. To a degree, Brandy’s fashion sense was influenced by the shows, movies, and music she produced. She is explains this in the article Biography by The Brandy Blog

Taking a break from the industry was the best choice she could make. With the birth of her daughter Sy’rai, the world had to wait a bit longer for more music and appearances by Brandy. This was a good thing, because children should come first. Over the last ten years, she released two albums. Those where Kaleidoscope (2004), and Human (2011). In addition, she has appeared on The Game as Chardonnay, Drop Dead Diva as Elisa Shayne, and 90210 as Marissa Harris-Young. Today, she is back on the scene and better than ever. In regards to fashion, I feel now more than ever she is showing the world who she is, not who people think she should be.

Photos Provided by BET and TheBrandyBlog

What do you think of Brandy?

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Additional Information
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  1. Wow. Well first of all you made me feel old when you said you were 8 years old when “The boy is mine came out”. Lol. Nice piece. Brandy has really grown and its great to see her come back on the scene. Her performance was great on the BET Awards last night too.


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