TGIF: How Are You Finding My Blog Posts?

As a blogger, I contribute my thoughts on a variety of topics with no garuntee someone will read it. When someone goes out of their way to click my link, it's a great feeling. It lets me know my content isn't gathering digital cobwebs. Content Engagement can be humbling too. Some post perform better than... Continue Reading →

Reasons I Decided To Focus On My Lifestyle Blog

Magnify You Style's ten year anniversary was April 23, 2022. This particular milestone made me think about how I got started. By the way, I almost didn't graduate college. I completely forgot I had to do an internship. I spent winter break of my senior year trying to find an internship. By the end of January,... Continue Reading →

Summer Nights

When I think of Summer. I think of "Summer Nights" from Grease! Grease is my favorite movie. Growing up, did you have a movie you could watch over and over again. For me, that was Grease. If you haven't seen this movie, your missing out. Don't worry, you can find a cheap copy at Walmart... Continue Reading →

Fashion in Music: Ellie Goulding

If I had to choose between fashion and music, I'd take both and run for the hills. They both are intertwined. Let's face it, fashion shows would be dull without music. Instead of looking fierce, models would look pissed and/or bored. Music needs fashion because clothing and accessories help develop an artist image. In addition,... Continue Reading →

Are Harajuku girls Modern Day Geisha?

On November 22, 2004 Gwen Stefani's solo album "Love Angel Music Baby" hit the CD racks. I purchased my copy, May 2005. I placed the track in my cd walkman and spent hours listening to her music. Of all the songs, my favorite was "What You Waiting For?" It is a song I still love... Continue Reading →

Fashion Then and Now: Brandy

When you see Brandy, you may think of her latest hit featuring Chris Brown "Put It Down" or her hot tribute to Whitney Houston at the 2012 BET Awards. When I see Brandy, I think about the first time I saw here on T.V. When I was eight years old she was staring in "Moesha".... Continue Reading →

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