TGIF: How Are You Finding My Blog Posts?

As a blogger, I contribute my thoughts on a variety of topics with no garuntee someone will read it. When someone goes out of their way to click my link, it’s a great feeling. It lets me know my content isn’t gathering digital cobwebs. Content Engagement can be humbling too. Some post perform better than others. Overtime, a blogger can see how much traffic a post has garnered. It’s interesting to see how older post are doing. There are varies ways to collect this data. Since WordPress Stats tracks how readers come in contact with my blog, I decide to go in on my top referes for TGIF.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest Logo

I’m not surprised Pinterest is in the top five. I love it. Someone called it digital hoarding and I agree with that description. Compared to Google Images, the layout of potential pins is pleasing to the eye. If the picture has a read it option, it’ll take you to website the photo came from.

4. Instagram

Instagram Logo

I embed links to my stories and add links to relevant Instagram posts. Here’s the thing. Hyperlinks, on a post/reel, only work for users that access Instagram with a web browser. That being said, I’m surprised Instagram is doing better for my views than Pinterest. In my opinion, readers have to work harder to get to my blog through Instagram, Its likely most of my Instagram views came from friends and family

3. Facebook

Facebook Logo

Technically, Facebook is only in the Top Three because my dashboard doesn’t distinguish between Messenger and Page. Although my Facebook Page has grown this year, I know a majority of my Facebook views are coming from my friends. I appreciate and value their support. They don’t have to click my link.

2. WordPress Reader

WordPress Logo

Do you use RSS feed to keep up with topics of interest? Well WordPress Reader kind of works like that. It’s a way for bloggers to find new writers and support each other. It’s been a great way for me to connect with other bloggers and support their work. Seeing that support reciprocated is nice. It turns a one-sided post turn into a conversation. You won’t see that kind of real-time engagement with print.

1. Google Search

Google Search Logo

To be honest, I was suprised that a majority of my site visits are coming from Google. I am active on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. I assumed Social Media would out rank Google, because I actively promote new content with it.  Whereas Google dictates how my post ranks with an overwhelming amount of webpages with similar topics.

Thanks to WordPress, I have a general idea of how you got here. Just know, I appreciate your visit. Hope you stop by again. Happy Thanksgiving Weekend! If you don’t observe it, I hope you enjoy quality time with people you love.

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