Summer Nights

When I think of Summer. I think of “Summer Nights” from Grease! Grease is my favorite movie. Growing up, did you have a movie you could watch over and over again. For me, that was Grease. If you haven’t seen this movie, your missing out. Don’t worry, you can find a cheap copy at Walmart or wait for it to come on ABC Family. I love this song because of its humor. Clearly Danny and Sandy have two different versions to the story. I bet any amount of money that Sandy is telling the truth. Also it plays on a common question, What did you do over the summer? Besides the lyrics, I also love the clothes.

In film, clothing is very important. Without the costume director, the audience can not be completely convinced this movie is set in the 50s. Through the actors as well as the clothing, we can understand who these girls were and what “social stereotype” they tried to live up to in this movie. It is common knowledge that teen movies are based on teenage stereotypes. To a degree, they are true. Teenage years are all about finding yourself and seeing what pre-made mole you fit into. If you say you never tried out a trend or lifestyle to see if it fit you, you’d be lying. This is how we are able to determine the “Goody Two Shoes” of the 50’s and the daring “It girls” as well. This sing a long, minus the intro, is our chance to meet the “Pink Ladies”, Sandy, and Patty Simcox.

The Ladies Singing Summer Nights

The Pink Ladies are popular and somewhat rebellious. If you notice, they like to distinguish their group with pink jackets. They are also linked to the Tbirds which are they guys singing with Danny. Within the group we have Betty “Rizzo”, Frenchy, Blanch, and Marty. Of the four, Blanch and Frenchy are engaging and not completely unconventional with their attire. If you notice, they both have full skirts that fall just above the ankle. Keep in mind, this was a conservative time in America. World War II occurred a decade ago. With the World War’s and the Great Depression behind them, people wanted to nurture and preserve their families. As a result, women were expected to dress a certain way. It was one of these unofficial rules. Rizzo and Marty on the other hand are a little more risqué. Marty is a flirt and has no problem juggling guys. Rizzo isn’t promiscuous but she’s not innocent either. Based on their clothing, you can see that they are wearing fitted skirt with high slits that fall above the knee. Also, their tops are a little tighter and expose some cleavage.

Sandy is a new student from Australia. She is a symbol of beauty and innocence. It is fitting that she wears a white dress with a yellow jacket. The white is innocence, while the yellow gives of a care-free somewhat naive vibe. She doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into with the Pink Ladies. This is where Patty comes in.

Patty, the one in the blue skirt and top, is the very active girl you knew in high school. The one that was oozing school spirit and found time to be in charge of student government activities. Based on Sandy’s look and demeanor, Patty knows she is perfect to join cheerleading squad. She waste no time introducing herself. This puts sandy in a position of sticking to the familiar or taking on something new and eccentric.

Without costume designers, I would not be able to describe these girls the way I did. The next time you watch a movie/music video, think of the time and effort that gets put into wardrobe, as well as, how it makes you perceive the film or video.

Are you a Grease fan?

Do you pay attention to fashion in TV, Music, and Movies?

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