Fashion Dilemma in Film: Phat Girlz

In 2006, someone saw potential in the Indie Film “Phat Girlz”. A film that takes fashion dilemma and body image problems.

Based on the trailer, our fashionista and curvey lady, Jazmine Builtmore, [interesting last name] wins a fabulous vacation that takes her away from a fustrating job as well as constant reminders that she is not your typical size eight. Since child hood she has constantly compared herself to her petite cousin Mia [who by the way tries to go for Dr. Tunde Jonathan (Jazmine’s man)].

While the Trio are to there glamorous hotel, Jazmine and Stacey meet two attractive men that love them for who they are. Problem is both of them have a hard time seeing the beauty within. As a result, the film shows the negative impact our own body image can have on our relationships. Forunetaly, Stacy begins to change and allows Akibo to see her for who she is.  Jazmine, on the other hand, must work harder to get through her body image problems. Unfortunealy, the two can not be together until Jazmine learns to love every inch of herself.

Overall, the film is humorous as well as effective. It brings to light a topic that is buried in culture. When it is brought up words like obesity come to play. Honestly, not everyone should be a size two. If a woman wants to make changes to her body. That is entirely up to her. Be warned, you won’t always look good in the size you envision or weight. Ladies, there are a few ways to cope with your body image

  1. It’s My Body! : Rather than loath yourself, learn to appreciate your body. For every woman wishing she was thinner, there is a woman wishing she had curves. You can rarely have the best of both words. So love what you have and own it. Confidence is key!
  2. CAUTION: Don’t believe the scale! : I have to use tape measure to see what my BMI is. Since, I am muscular and muscular, my weight will always be higher than I expect. Rather than get stressed about the number, I measure my waist. If you do plan to lose weight, inches is what you want not pounds. Be careful, each body is different. You don’t want to look sickly.
  3. WARNING: Do Not Compare Yourself to Others : Seriously, don’t do it. The person you are comparing yourself to doesn’t feel perfect. If she does, she’s lying. There is always a problem, it’s just not ont that is obvious to you. Though you may want her body, she is secretly thinking about the flaws she sees in it. Why do you think cosmetic surgery covers almost every body part imaginable. It is because no matter what something is unsatisfying. Remember, even the most confident woman didn’t start off loving every inch of her body.
  4. Size Doesn’t Determine a Person’s Health : Your probably saying that I’m wrong and doctors give you grief about you weight all the time. If you’re doing everything the doctor is telling you to do and you still don’t get results, you need to realize you were born with these curves. To avoid health problems, you should continue to do what a nutritionist or doctor is telling you to. Remember, don’t expect to look like a model afterwards.
  5. Sizes Can Be Deceiving : Women sizes are not fool-proof like men. Sizes change depending on the store and the model used to design the clothing. This is why you may wear four different sizes or more. Don’t get hung up over the number!
  6. Wear What Fits : A proper fitting garment is better than ill-fitting one. The more comfortable you feel in you clothes, the more confident you’ll be. When Phat Girlz came out, the plus size industry did not have a lot of options. This is why the message behind the film was so important. If curvy woman do not have trendy clothing, how can a curvy woman feel beautiful? Back then, there were only a few striking pieces for curvy women. Other than that, their were dull, boring, and depressing. Fortunetaly, things have changed for the better.

Todays Curvy women has more options in apperal and lingerie. Unfortunetaly, many of them are on-line stores. Curvy woman do not have the opportunity to try on the clothing before they buy it. When clothes come in your size, trying on clothes can be a fun experience!

Whether they like it or not, Phat Girlz are not going anywhere. Thanks should be given to designers and retailers that are producing trendy clothing for their curvy shoppers. As you know, Magnify Your Style tackles a variety of topics, however, I do not cover plus-size clothing and issues on a regular basis. To help those in need, I’ve made a list of  fabulous plus-size fashion bloggers and their twitter accounts to give you daily sound advice!

  1. Blog: Plus She Twitter: @BigGirlBlue
  2. Blog: Glitter n’ Gold  Twittter: @goldhoneebee
  3. Blog: Fat Shopaholic Twitter: @tiffany104
  4. Blog: Return to Sender: A Fat Girls Letter to the World Twitter: @Tabayag
  5. Blog: The Curvey Fashionista Twitter : @MarieDenee

Don’t be fooled, there are more ladies writing about curvy issues. This is just a starting point for those that did not know these resources are available to them.

Do you like movies in fashion posts?

Do you like the tips provided?

Additional Information:
All Photos were provided by Rotten Tomatoe
To see more of Phat Girlz visit Fox SearchLight
To read more on Phat Girlz visit IMDb

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  1. Great post Patricia! I haven’t seen the movie but it looks interesting. I know it’s tough to be overweight. I lost about 20 pounds last year but before I decided to take the steps needed to get back to a healthy weight I felt pretty bad about the reflection I. The mirror, and finding clothing that fit was getting harder and harder. It must be really difficult for plus sized women!


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