Use Magazines to Search for the Perfect Fragrance for Christmas

If there is one thing I love, its perfume! Every christmas, I can rely on my grandmother to purchase Curve for me. Some years, she throws me off guard by getting sample sizes of different types of perfumes. As a result, it’s one thing I don’t have to buy!

On top of being a fragrance junky, I love magazines. There is nothing like holding that thick book full of pictures, advice, and creative layouts. Believe it or not, document and design is used to strategically place ads, articles, and photographs through all articles. Even non-fashion magazines have a specific formula they use. As I flipped through November’s issue of Cosmo, I noticed something I’ve seen in my childhood magazine Seventeen, fragrance samples!

These babies are scattered through multiple magazines throughout the fashion publication industry. At least on time in life, someone has sniffed these samples out of curiosity. I believe fragrance brands do this to allow consumers to sample their product before coming to the store. Not only do they know what the bottle looks like, they can ensure they purchase the right bottle by its smell. Rather than sniff a “try it” paper at a local store, they can skip over this step and purchase the item. By doing this, it takes the pressure away from sampling perfumes without the intent to by. It also blocks potential buyers from looking into other fragrances, because there first encounter with the fragrance is in a magazine not the fragrance counter at Boscov’s or Macy’s.

Do these people have unfair an unfair advantage, yes and no. Companies shell out a lot of money to have their ads featured in major magazines, but many have pulled back from adding fragrance samples to their ads. So, it’s fair game. Besides, these ads can be used as great tools to surprise a loved one this christmas. This month is the perfect time to screen samples! All you have to do is ask them (in a completely unsuspicious way) what they think of it. If you get a positive reaction, feel free to get it. Though men and women love to smell good, it’s one of the last things they see as a potential christmas gift…well…most people. Maybe I need to start a Fragrance and Magazine support group. Anyways, this years up and coming fragrance for women is…

La vie este belle for Her

Do you love Lancome? If so, they have a new fragrance that features Julia Roberts as face of “La vie este belle” which means Life is Beautiful. From a glance, this bottle is sleek, chic, and simple. If you pay close attention, the ribbon around the nozzle of the bottle looks like a woman wearing a sheer scarf. The scarf flows in the wind catching the attention of all who pass her. This scarf paired with the french name of the perfume can make one think of a stroll in the city of romance, Paris.

Given my interpretation of the bottle, I was surprised by the dark and gloomy “La vie este belle” commercial.

Regardless of the interpretation of the bottle, it is the scent that matters. To me, this fragrance has hints of flowers and fruit. These are simple natural scents that can draw one to the many beautiful orchards in france. The faint sent ads to its appeal. The only problem I have with this perfume is the shape of the bottle. Though it is a square only half of the bottle was shaped to contain the perfume. Though aesthetics may have a role in this, it can be seen as a rip off.  Overall, the price of “La vie est belle” ranges from $41.00 to 163.00. The size of the bottle as well as gift sets contribute to the cost. Of all possible outlets, Neimun Marcus provides the most for your buck. For $64.00, you get:

  • La vie est belle 1.0 fl.oz./31mL
  • Fragrance Spray La Vie Est Belle, 1.7 fl.oz./50mL
  • Body Lotion La Vie Est Belle, 0.34 fl.oz./10mL
  • Luxury Purse Spray

If you have more to spare in your budget, feel free to use Lancome’s Holiday Gift Guide. If your special some one is not a lady, this years fragrance for men is…


Yves Saint Laurent is a fantastic fashion designer.  L’homme Libre is an interesting fragrance that revolves around breaking free. In Cosmo, this ad appears on page 59. If your turn to your November issue it is the opposite page of “5 Must Have Coats”. Here you will see a man with intense eyes with a city landscape behind him. L’homme Libre is more universal than “La vie este belle” because this man could be anywhere in the world. This is evident in its commericial

The commercial starts with a well dressed man breaking social norms by dancing fiercely outside of dance hall. Here everyone can see him. While some mock him, others look in awe. The commercial gives of a fearless element that encourages people to go out and do something unexpected. With a commercial like this, the cologne comes with high expectations, which are met! The cologne alluring, fresh, and masculine, which mirrors the design of the bottle.

The cylinder bottle with the industrial top is clear with gradiant blue hue. Also, the glass bottle has a reasonble disperstion of glass and cologne, which is better than “La vie este belle”. If your are considering purchasing L’homme Libre it can range from $17 to $144. It all comes down to size and additions. If you wan to give him more than a bottle of cologne, this L’hommee Libre gift set retailed at $83.00 for $67.99 comes with the following:

  • 1 Eau De Toilette Spray 3.3oz
  • 1 Deodorant Stick 2.6oz
  • 1 After Shave Gel 1.6oz

Perfumania‘s price is a great deal, because this kit cost $83.00 on YSL Beauty Website.

Overall, both fragrances smell great and would making excellent christmas, special occasion, and birthday gifts!

Additional Information:
If you want to connect with the brands featured in this article, click the following links:
  1. Lancome: Facebook, Twitter, Blog, and Pinterest
  2. Yves Saint Laurent: Facebook and Twitter
  3. Cosmopalitian: Facebook, Twitter, Gplus, and Pinterest

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