Experimental Beauty Fall Edition: Nail Art Essentials For Beginners

Are you someone who wants to create amazing nail designs but lack the skill or the time. Do you pin amazing nail art on a regular basis? If so, it’s time to take things into your own hands. Though Pinterest is full of elaborate nail designs, some of them can be executed by a beginners. Most of the time, people do not have the tools they need to make their designs last. Don’t worry, I’m here for you! As long as you beef up your nail art supplies, you can execute some of these difficult fall nail designs!

Manicure Kit

Most manicure kits come with nail fillers, nail clippers, scissors, and cuticle clippers. You will needs to create even nails. Even if you are a talented nail artist, odd-shaped nails will hurt your design.

Press On

If you do not have time to apply base coats, you can glue on nails. Some nails came with adhesive backs. To know what’s best for you, consult a local nail salon or try it for yourself. Asking a nail salon may save you time and money.

Season Color Palletes

Like makeup, it is good to have a strong foundation. As you’ve probably noticed, there are many types of shades to choose from. If you are not picky about colors, you can purchase nail polish in sets. If your on a tight budget, the day after christmas is the best time to go shopping. Stores will be selling sets cheaper to end the year on a strong note. If you’re a particular about the brand you use, search on-line or check out the beauty section of local stores to find colors your want to use.

Clear Nail Polish

This makes a great base coat that can protect your nails from dye found within darker colors. Also, some nail design colors do no cover the entire nail. Clear nail polish can give your nail a clean polished look. It can also be used as a first defense against chipping.

Eyeshadow Brushes

Yes, the tools you use to add eyeshadow can be used on your nails. The sponge texture helps you achieve designs that are impossible with standard nail polish

Scotch Tape

If you are working with designs that have sharp edges, tape can help you achieve this look. Until your nails are dry, do not use it. You’ll just smear and pull nail polish up.

Hand/Nail Dryer

Personally, I love these babies. This will help nail polish dry faster. Most of the time, my nails come out bad, because I smudge them. Sometimes, you’ll see the ridges of my fingers on my nails. If you plan to use something like this, make sure you put some batteries to the side for this.

Now that you have your essentials, let’s try out these fabulous fall nails!

These Shimmer Fall Nails Were Brought to You By Pinterest

Right off the bat, these nails are stunning. They are perfect for a sunny fall day. When light hits these babies, people will check out your nails. Your probably thinking these do not look very hard. This maybe true; however, it is easier to smear and smudge nails than create perfect matching nails.

  1. Wash hand and clean nails with nail polish remover. This will kill germs and remove dirt from fingernails
  2. Apply two to three base coats to your nails.
  3. Use nail dryer
  4. Apply one coat of gold glitter nail polish. Only apply nail polish 3/4 from the tip of your nail. If you go to far you’ll have to start over.
  5. Apply two coats of orange glitter nail polish. Only apply nail polish 1/2 or less from the tip of your nail.
  6. Apply two coats of red glitter nail polish. Only apply nail polish 1/4 or less from the tip of your nail.
  7. Dry with nail dryer.

Now your ready to go out their and show off your nails! As long as your stick to these measurements, you’ll be able to have fabulous fall nails as well!

Fall Inspired Nails brough to you from Pinterest

At a glance, these nails look very difficult. If your zoom into the picture, you’ll see that these lovely nails are not as hard as they look. Overall, the branches will be harder to create.

  1. Wash hands and clean nails with nail polish remover. This will kill germs and remove dirt from your fingers.
  2. Apply clear base coat to nails. This will protect your nails
  3. Apply two to three coats of nude nail polish of your choice.
  4. Dry with nail dryer
  5. Press make brush lightly to add orange, red, and yellow leaves. You do not have to stick to these colors.
  6. Dry with Nail Dryer
  7. Apply brown nail polish to add thin strokes to create tree and branches. Take your time and be careful.
  8. Dry with Nail Dryer
  9. Apply Clear Top Coat to protect your design and help them last longer!

It may seem like your spending a lot of time drying your nails. Doing this will prevent smears and blending.

Go forth and take on the amazing nails you find on Pinterest!

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