Magnify Your Style’s: Adele

Adele has touched the hearts of many women this millennium. Her music is full of soul and meaning, which is very refreshing. Since she has many chart toping songs out, it can be hard to remember some of her earlier work, like Chasing Pavement. The first time I saw this video was my sophomore year in... Continue Reading →

Magnify Your Style’s Playlist: Flo Rida

I will warn you now, this will not be the last time you see Flo Rida on Magnify Your Style's playlist. He has produced many club anthem after club anthem for the last six years. In fact, most of his songs have dominated night life at the Hardware Bar in Wilkes-Barre. Unfortunetaly, I do not have... Continue Reading →

Magnify Your Style’s Playlist: Q-Tip

The fall semester of my freshman year was dominated by Q-Tip's smooth vocals and piano. Ironically, I only had the music video, which I got for free from Itunes. So, I'd have to play the video to listen to the song as I walked through campus. When I wasn't walking around, I appreciated his bizarre wardrobe and... Continue Reading →

Magnify Your Style’s Playlist: Ke$ha

Music is a form of expression that can show people how we feel. It can also sound really awesome and have no meaning what so ever. Regardless, music is something that most people love to listen to. To me, music is the soundtrack of  my life. There is something for every mood, accomplishment, disappointment, and... Continue Reading →

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