Winter Fitness Accessories for 2013

Now that you have the basics, it’s time to add accessories. Let’s face it, an outfit is like a canvas. You have so many beautiful colors and details you can add to it. Do you need to do it? No. Will it add to your motivation and anticipation? Yes! Works out accessories are more than... Continue Reading →

Winter Fitness Clothes for 2013

With a new year around the corner, many people make a commitment to improve their fitness. Unfortunately, a few things hold them back from committing to this goal. One would assume that time is a major reason. Life seems to be on fast forward. As a result, women try to be superwoman 24 hours a... Continue Reading →

Polarized Sunglasses for Blinding Snow Days

On a bright winter day, do you have a hard time seeing? The sun reflecting of the snow can be blinding. I struggle with this every winter. I don't want to look angry walking down the street, but I can't help it. I can't see. Instead of being blinded by the sun, invest in sunglasses.... Continue Reading →

Motivational Mondays with Trisha: Dreamer Edition

Hello everyone! This week is about following your dreams. In today's society, life's unexpected moments can delay or stop people from pursuing their dreams. Today, I want you to read through these quotes and thinking about where you are in your life. If your satisfied, I am happy that you are enjoying your life. If you're dissatisfied, I... Continue Reading →

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