Polarized Sunglasses for Blinding Snow Days

On a bright winter day, do you have a hard time seeing? The sun reflecting of the snow can be blinding. I struggle with this every winter. I don’t want to look angry walking down the street, but I can’t help it. I can’t see. Instead of being blinded by the sun, invest in sunglasses. All sunglasses are not made the same. Polarized sunglasses sound like its name. They are specifically made to prevent snow blindness. Instead of temporarily going blind this winter, invest in polarized sunglasses. Not sure where to look? Here are some cute sunglasses!

SunCloud Cookie Reader Polarized Women’s Sunglasses

SunCloud Cookie Reader Polarized Women's Sunglasses

These $79.99 sunglasses are perfect for casual use. They provide 100% UV protection  and have a 15% light transmission. These are light weight. Plus, they are shatter proof! These particular glasses are ideal for medium framed faces and come in brown and black. When purchasing sunglasses, its ideal to go for the basics. Basic colors make them ideal for daily use. Once you have a basic pair that you like, then you can purchase unique quirky glasses.

Smith Rosewood Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

Smith Rosewood Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

Do you love navigators or aviators? Guess what, you don’t have to choose. These metal framed sunglasses are a blend of the two and they will protect your eyes this winter. The width of these glasses are 5.5. This makes them ideal for small and medium framed faces. In addition they come in silver and gold. These glasses can be yours for $99.99. They’re orignal price was $139.00 a pair. If you’re looking to save on slick sunglasses, this price is very reasonable!

Oakley Bronze Polarized Necessity Ladies Sunglasses

Oakley Bronze Polarized Necessity Ladies Sunglasses

You can’t suggest polarized sunglasses without mentioning Oakley’s. They are a popular brand of sunglasses used by many people including the military. These particular glasses look heavy-duty. They can definitely protect your eyes from snow blindness. Unlike the first two, the nose is padded and the lenses is thicker. The structure is less likely to break. In addition, it comes with a complimentary case to keep your glasses safe and have a unique tortious finish. They may not look it, but they are designed for all day comfort. If your one a trip to the mountains, these glasses can stick by you all day. If you don’t like the tortious finish, you can get smooth slick black sunglasses.  Plus, the black sunglasses are $50 less than the bronze pair, which are $180.

No matter what type of frame or lenses you like, many popular brands make polarized sunglasses. In fact, local Sunglass Huts carry polarized sunglasses. If your live in Luzerne County, the Wyoming Valley Mall has a Sunglass Hut located near Strawberry, Bratty Natty’s Boutique, Kitchen Essentials, Express, and Macy’s. There, you’ll find consultants that can give you more information about sunglasses they carry! If you’re not sure what to get someone for christmas, Sunglasses are a nice surprise. People don’t usually by them until they need them. Rather than wait for a bright sunny winter or summer day, you can save someone a trip to the store! It’s all up to you!

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