Winter Fitness Accessories for 2013

Now that you have the basics, it’s time to add accessories. Let’s face it, an outfit is like a canvas. You have so many beautiful colors and details you can add to it. Do you need to do it? No. Will it add to your motivation and anticipation? Yes! Works out accessories are more than head bands, watches, and shoes. Their head phones, hats, and so much more. For those of you working out in cold climates, you may want to stock up on a few accessories before the New Year. Start things off the right way, this way you’ll be ready for spring dresses, shorts and summer bathing suits.

It seems like today’s woman needs music to stay pumped. Is this true? Yes and No. Can you have a great workout without music? Yes. However, there are certain days when one’s motivation will be tested. Music can get you pumped and ready for the day! While you keep your ears nice and toasty, take advantage of these built-in headphones!

180s Women's Tahoe Headphones Ear Warmer

These black 180s Women’s Tahoe Headphones Ear Warmer will go with everything. Also, they fit most people. The headphones are built and it’s compatible with all MP3s. If your someone who likes your headphones separate from your ear warmers, you’ll like this next hot winter accessories.

Hats are a popular fitness accessories. Personally, I have a tan hat that I like to wear with my wardrobe. It keeps my hair in check and keeps the sun out of my eyes. I wear it all year round, but it doesn’t keep my ears warm.

Ponytail Hat & Headband

The clever sleek Ponytail Hat & Headband is perfect for ladies with pony tails. It doesn’t matter how long your hair is, you’ll be able to keep it secure in the back and keep your head and ears warm during your workout. Though staying warm in important, so is your safety.

Safety is sexy. Depending on your work out time, you may put yourself in situations where people can not see you. Instead of becoming a hit and run in the 6pm news, make sure you are wearing something reflective.

Nathan Reflex 2 Pack

If it seems silly and a little over catuious remember this, accidents are more likely to occur during the winter because of black ice, and day light savings. It takes longer for the sun to rise. In some areas, it seems like the sun never comes up at all, save your life and the lives of others this season. Though Nathan Reflex 2 Pack has had mixed reviews, most agree that they do the job and are great for biking and night jogging. Plus, you can even wear them while walking your dog. Though Winter Fitness Clothes for 2013 doesn’t talk about shorts, some people do not like to run in pants or tights. To ensure your legs get sculpted, you’ll want to invest in these.

2XU Compression Calf Guard

2XU Compression Calf Guard are like compression shorts and pants. They are supposed to sculpt your body. To have killer calves, these compression guards will ensure every part of you is toned this winter.

Before you commit to your new years resolution, get prepared and work your butt off!

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