Lovin’ the Lather Beauty Review

"We have been happily married for more than 8 years."
“We have been happily married for more than 8 years.”

Skin care is very important. Your body is your canvas. Before you adorn make up, clothes, and accessories, you need to take care of the canvas. Sometimes manufactured soap can leave skin feeling dry and itchy. You shouldn’t feel like this. You scrubbed down to get clean not itch the soap residue away. Also, some people have sensitive skin. As a result, they have to be particular about their soap.

Lovin’ The Lather is a handmade body and spa product brand owned and created by Sharon Rowland. Sharon Rowland is a loving wife as well as mother to two girls and two boys. Her business is located in Jackson, Michigan. Sharon Rowland handcrafts all of the decadent products. Sometimes, she enlists friends and family. The products usually range from $4.00 to $10.00 plus shipping. Along with soap, Sharon Rowland makes lip balm, deodorant, lotion, sugar scrub, body butter,  kid friendly soap, men’s soap, and bundle packs. To make the soap, Sharon Rowland uses the cold-process. As a result, it can take 4 to 6 weeks to finish a batch of soap. Keep in mind, out of stock soaps will take longer to ship. If you don’t have time or the creativity to put a gift together, you can call 517-787-3159 or email lovin.the.lather@gmail.com  Rowland about custom orders. By the way, retailers can purchase wholesale products, but you’ll have to contact Rowland for prices.

BE ADVISED: Since each batch of soap is homemade, there maybe color variations. This does not deter from the quality of the soap. In addition, product descriptions come directly from Lovin’ The Lather.

I received an amazing sample bundle of Lovin’ The Lather soaps.  When I opened the envelope, I was hit with different aromas. Together, the fragrances were overwhelming. A part, each bar stood out for its own reasons. Overall, the soap moisturized my skin, which is very sensitive. I would purchase these for myself and a friend.


Oatmeal,Cream and Honey ~ Lovin' the Lather

“No dyes or fragrances, just a slightly sweet smell of Honey”

Oatmeal Cream & Honey is breakfast for your body. Start of the day with one serving of this soap. Don’t worry, you won’t smell like a bowl of oatmeal, but you might smell like a pot of honey. Pair this soap with tea, a small jar of honey for a thoughtful get well soon basket.


Vanilla Mocha Latte ~ Lovin' the Lather
“A delicious aromatic bar made with Olive oil, food grade cocoa Butter, triple strength coffee and vanilla fragrance oil.”

Vanilla Mocha Latte is ideal for coffee lovers. The aroma is a nice blend between chocolate, coffee beans, and vanilla beans. Paired with bath essentials and coffee, Vanilla Mocha Latte would make a fantastic, gift basket.

Fresh Lilac Blossoms
Very creamy and moisturizing soap. Smells like real lilac blossoms.”

Fresh Lilac Blossoms. You can’t go wrong with floral fragrance. Except for Oatmeal Cream & Honey – this scent is more subtle than the other soaps. Add a pop of color to a guest bathroom, or keep it in a soap dish for daily use. Your hands will appreciate it.

Warm Cinnamon Bun ~ Lovin' the Lather

Warm Cinnamon Bun is a delicious breakfast treat and dessert. The soap smells like a fresh cinnamon bun with dripping icing. Just remember, you can’t eat this. If you don’t mind smelling like a pastry, you’ll love it. If gifted to a child, I would go 13 and up. At that age, they’ll know not to eat it. Generally this age group uses soaps and fragrances that smell like food.


Pink Sugar ~ Lovin' the Lather
“This bar is carefully made with coconut, soybean, olive and jojoba oil, water, lye, extra Shea Butter, ground anise seed (gentle exfoliant) and Rhassoul clay to purify skin. The scent is Incredible! My Favorite by far!”

Pink Sugar has a light playful sent. It’s Brown hue reminds me of brown sugar. This maybe why the soap doesn’t smell like icing. Bakers know white sugar smells stronger than brown sugar.

Have you used Lovin’ the Lather soap before?

Which soap do you want to try?

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