The Face Behind The Craft: Jennifer Breeden of Jennybugdustin Handmade

From the beginning, Magnify Your Style has featured hand crafted master pieces from many artisans.

Trisha : Why did you start crafting accessories

Jenny:   I dabble in all sorts of crafts from crochet, stained glass,  painting, and now wire jewelry making.  You name it, I have probably tried  it.  My wire jewelry started with my climbing earrings.  I had a piece  I would always wear.  I received so many compliments, I decided to make  them for others.  It them evolved into other pretty designs.

Trisha: What do you love about your line of work

Jenny: I love it because its fun and makes people happy.  Who doesn’t love  sparkly things?!

Trisha : That’s a good point. Everyone should own something sparkely! What are your favorite pieces to make

Jenny: I really love making different earring pairs and also making custom  orders.  I like that the customer picks the colors and I see what I can  come up with.

Trisha: Its great that you are willing to work with your customers. Not everyone can craft their own jewelry. You let them express their creativity through you.When did you decide to sell your creations

Jenny:  I was laid off from my normal job so trying to keep busy, I  started crafting.

Trisha: Sometimes bad situations can lead to a great outcome. Today, most people work to survive, but they aren’t doing what they love. Did you sell your creations before establishing your etsy shop?

Jenny: Family and friends were my first customers, then I went to the  online sites. I sell on etsy,, and along with directly  through my facebook fan page.

Trisha: Wow, you have a couple of online boutiques. Family and friends can be awsome investors as well as word of mouth. What are 5 interesting Facts about yourself?

Jenny: I am a bird lover (tricks by hand-command  only), a bit of a foodie although I’m a picky eater, love to clean (was a  professional maid at one time), doing the dishes in one of my favorite chores,  and I enjoy board games especially trivia/q&a.

Trisha: Neat, I don’t know many bird lovers. Even though I lose most of the time. I like board games to.Before you mentione that you do custom work. How does that process work?

Jenny: I love doing custom work.  I usually have the customer check  out previous work for inspiration.  It is exciting to get their ideas and  run with to see what I can come up with!

Trisha: Thank you for taking out the time to chat with me. Also, stay tuned for a post on my favorite pieces!

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