The Face Behind The Craft: Jennifer Breeden of Jennybugdustin Handmade

From the beginning, Magnify Your Style has featured hand crafted master pieces from many artisans. Trisha : Why did you start crafting accessories Jenny:   I dabble in all sorts of crafts from crochet, stained glass,  painting, and now wire jewelry making.  You name it, I have probably tried  it.  My wire jewelry started with my climbing earrings.  I had a piece  I would always … Continue reading The Face Behind The Craft: Jennifer Breeden of Jennybugdustin Handmade

Perfect Handmade Graduation Gifts For Her

Graduation season is almost here! It is an exciting milestone to celebrate and share with others. If you have a graduate or want to get a friend a thoughtful gift, nothing says original like a handmade gift. That doesn’t mean you have to make it. There are plenty of talented people that can assist you. If you don’t have the time to search, do not … Continue reading Perfect Handmade Graduation Gifts For Her

Get Ready for the 4th of July in Style

It’s almost July and you know what that means in the United States. It’s time to get ready for barbeques, fireworks, swimming and summer fun! As you all know it is officially summer and time to officially put your fall attire to bed. Holidays are a perfect time to in cooperate seasonal elements into your clothing. You can be as modest or out there as … Continue reading Get Ready for the 4th of July in Style

Nightmare Before Christmas

I know it’s a week before Halloween, but I’m already thinking about christmas. It’s one of the reasons I like, Nightmare Before Christmas so much. You get the best of both worlds, Halloween and Christmas. It’s also why I like Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise, you can rock it on Halloween and give it as gifts for Christmas. These pieces are great for both seasons. Jack … Continue reading Nightmare Before Christmas

Tasteful Halloween Accessories from Etsy!

Halloween is over a month away. Like any holiday, you have to start prepping right away. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on getting the perfect costume and holiday decorations. The other day, I was scrolling down my Facebook news feed. Where I found these….. ADORABLE ghost earrings! These little guys are cute, handmade, and unexpected. As I checked out Bethan Jayne pictures. I thought to myself, … Continue reading Tasteful Halloween Accessories from Etsy!

Fall Accessories with Wanelo and Etsy

Wanelo is one of many social media sites that people are turning to for on-line shopping. Honestly, can you blame them. Searching for clothes through sites like this are more fun than clicking through a brand site. Inspired by a tweet, I decided to see what Fall means to Wanelo. Hand Knit Hats Hand knit hats are perfect for fall, because the weather is beginning to drop. … Continue reading Fall Accessories with Wanelo and Etsy

Are Leggings Trendy?

Over the last few years, I’ve noticed jeans disappearing and leggings becoming a staple in every young women’s wardrobe. The question is…why? Well, the answer is very simple. Comfort. As a woman, I know we have love/hate relationships with our jeans. Personally, I dread washing my jeans because, I know we will go to war when they dry. Even if you have a pair of reliable jeans, … Continue reading Are Leggings Trendy?