Get Ready for the 4th of July in Style

It’s almost July and you know what that means in the United States. It’s time to get ready for barbeques, fireworks, swimming and summer fun! As you all know it is officially summer and time to officially put your fall attire to bed. Holidays are a perfect time to in cooperate seasonal elements into your clothing. You can be as modest or out there as you want to be. It is entirely up to you! If you’re having a hard time finding patriotic pieces locally, don’t worry. There are plenty of social friendly websites that can help you show your pride. To help you “suit up” I’ve recruited Wanelo!

If you don’t know what Wanelo is, let me be the first to orient you to this fabulous shopping tool. Wanelo is a social shopping tool that is user-friendly. In fact, it livens the online shopping process. Do you hate having to click on multiple links and pages just to see what the product looks like? Do not worry. You will not have that problem on this site. On Wanelo, you can see bright vibrant pictures of the products. If you see something you like, you can place your mouse over it! If you have a Wanelo account you can share the item with your friends or save it to one of your many wish list. If you want to learn more about it. Click it! You’ll get the price and link to the product. Sound easy enough, right? Then let’s get started!


Last year, I asked all of you a question. Are leggings trendy? Everyday, it seems like leggings are replacing jeans. People are also wearing hybrids called jeggings. They look like jeans but fit like leggings. I bought a black pair of these babies a few months ago and I love them. You can get away with wearing shirts that do not cover your bum, because the material is thicker than leggings. This is the reason many fashionistas are a little irritated with leggings. Some fashionistas believe that leggings should not be used as pants. In some cases I agree. It all depends on the material. Before you leave the house, do a mirror check. If you can see your knickers or your rump (for those of you who go commando), you probably shouldn’t leave the house with these. I don’t think you’ll have a problem with this red, white, and blue leggings.

LOCOMO Women Patriot Patriotic American US Star Country Flag Legging Tregging Tight Ankle Length Fo

Get these sexy leggings on sale before Amazon runs out!

LOCOMO Women Patriot Patriotic American US Star Country Flag Legging Tregging Tight Ankle Length Fo

Patriot Leggings

These leggings are good for a lady that wants to play up the flag element without looking like an exact replica of the flag.

Patriot Leggings


If leggings are a bit too much for you, opt for a hot top. You can show off your American pride without going over the top. Also, don’t mix these with the leggings. You want to look comfortable and a little casual. Most 4th of July gatherings are family gatherings. You don’t need to look runway ready, but you do want to like nice in the pictures.

American Flag Tank

I like this tank because it doesn’t hug the body. Most of the 4th of July menu is not waistline friendly. No need to worry about feeling uncomfortable in this tank. It’s faded appearance plays of the history of the United States. Historically, it is a young country. Since it was the first to declare its independence from a colonial empire, it is no longer the youngest country on the globe. So, you can look at the United States as the middle child of the globe.

American Flag Tank

Patriot Dress

This dress is a great cover. When your taking a break from the pool for some food, throw this baby on.



If you don’t want to make a top of bottom the main attraction, you can always opt for a scarf. Scarves are year round accessories that can add personality to simple outfit. Plus, they can give you protection from a chilly night full of bon fires and fireworks!

Original Patriotic American USA Flag Loop Circle Chain Infinity Scarf

The chain is a popular way to wear a scarf. It is loose and lays casually on your shoulders. It can also cover your cleavage. So, scarfs are modest friendly as well.

Original Patriotic American USA Flag Loop Circle Chain Infinity Scarf

American Flag Scarf

If you’re an Etsy fan, you can support Three Bird Nest by purchasing this lovely scarf. The fabric is light-weight and would look great with a white tank and denim shorts.

American Flag Scarf


For those of your that have your outfit planned already, but want subtle hints of patriotism, earrings are a great accessories. I am a big fan of jewelry. Most of the time I rock earrings, but I never turn down necklaces or bracelets. Plus, if your going to your significant others family gathering for the first time, a subtle hint of patriotic flair can grab attention for all the right reasons. If you don’t want to walk in looking like a flag, but want to incorporate these elements without going for the nautical theme, jewelry is your best friend.

Patriotic Stars and StripeCovered Button Earringss Fabric

As most of your know, less can be more. Funky earring can grab attention and also make excellent conversation starters. Plus these earrings are up-cycled and unique. Psst…these earrings were created by another Etsy shop called KAYEganda!

Patriotic Stars and Stripes Fabric Covered Button Earrings

Patriotic Dream Catcher Belly Button Jewelry

Plan on showing off your midriff with a cute bathing suit? Surprise people with a sweet patriotic dream catcher. Midnightsmojo, an Etsy shop, has it for $19.00.

Patriotic Dream Catcher Belly Button Jewelry

Would your rock one or more of these pieces?

What are you wearing for the 4th of July this year?

Sharing is caring! Let me know what you think.

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