Affordable Steven Universe Inspired Clothing and Accessories

Last week’s Steven Universe 30-min special left most viewers confused, excited, outraged, and hungry for more. Unfortunately, future episodes are set to air this summer. Fans of the show are accustomed to short and long breaks. Don’t worry, this post does not contain spoilers. Last weeks episodes inspired me to look into Steven Universe swag.


The California Etsy based shop sells Skater Dresses. The price range is $50-$56 but can take 4 weeks to shift. The dresses are available in the original Crystal Gems. If you want Peridot or Bismuth, you have to contact KYOCAT clothing.

Feelin Peachy

The web-based clothing and accessories store is home to many quirky items. This phone case is the perfect item for the nostalgic fan. At one point, Steven thought he could activate his gem powers with an ice cream sandwich. The Cookie Cat ice cream case is a subtle way to show your support for the fandom. Plus, it’s adorable and $14.95.


Florida is home to Lilyfield Creations Co. This Etsy shop reminds us to be strong in a real way for $21. Most of Suz Melton’s pieces are inspired by Disney and feature quotes. I like this necklace, because of the episode it represents. Pearl wanted to prove that strength was more than your physical attributes, but she didn’t know how to show Steven. The star and the pearl on the necklace represent Steven and Pearl’s significance in the episode.


I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist. Technically, this is a small spoiler. I wont explain why. For curious readers, look for Steven Universe key chains. If you want a cartoon inspired bow for a special occasion, The Craftin Our Coffee can help you out. The shop sells anime and comic themed bows as well. Bows typically run for $9 – $9.50.

We have a few months to wait for new episodes, but we can support independent business owners that provide merchandise for Steven.

Where do you shop for Steven Universe merchandise?

What was your initial reaction to the 30 min special?

What is your favorite YouTube channel for theories and episode analysis?

Sharing is caring! Let me know what you think.

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