Motivational Mondays with Trisha: Tea

Tea is soothing to the mind, body, and soul. Its multifaceted as well. In some culture's the act of preparing tea is art. From medicinal to leisure, it's purpose shifts. Let's center ourselves figuratively with tea. Need more quotes? Click your favorite of the week and see where it takes you. See you tomorrow for... Continue Reading →

Motivational Mondays with Trisha: Flowers

For something that is beautiful and temporary, flowers have a way of putting things into perspective. The life cycle of a flower is like many other plants. Specifically, flowers found in nature. They must grow through adverse weather and are at the mercy of curious wildlife. Yet, they continue to grow. The journey from seed... Continue Reading →

Motivational Mondays with Trisha: Candy

We're a few weeks away from Valentine's Day and it feels like assorted candies and chocolates are everywhere. Senses are engaged by colorful packaging and the sweet aroma of sugar confections. Even if these items aren't purchased before Valentine's Day, the happiness of marked down candy after the celebration of love brings a smile to... Continue Reading →

Motivational Mondays with Trisha: Lagom

It's week two of the new year. The holiday season promoted an abundance of rest and celebration. Now that the festivities are over and the decorations are put away, some of use are struggling to get back into our routines. The Swedish philosophy Lagom can help us center ourselves. It's not that the Lagom lifestyle... Continue Reading →

Motivational Mondays with Trisha: Invisible Chains

They say a person's mind can be it's greatest enemy. There's truth to that. There are moments in life that imprint our subconscious. Whether good or bad, they have the power to change our moods in an instant. The bad moments can create invisible chains that hold us back. It's like having a fight or... Continue Reading →

Motivational Mondays with Trisha: Routine

Children aren't the only people that benefit from routines. Adults need them too. Sometimes stress is soothed by a sense of control. When things feel out of control, the routine provides a reliable sense of accomplishment. It can keep the dreamer and the visionary grounded. Those words my sound the same, but I believe that... Continue Reading →

Meme Mondays with Trisha: Winter Wonderland

Another Meme Monday so soon?! Yes, dear reader. I had every intention of resuming Motivational Mondays, but I couldn't help myself. Since last Monday's post leaned more toward motivation, I felt it was only right to bring you the humor you've come to expect and deserve. Since, Winter Solstice and Christmas fall on this week.... Continue Reading →

Meme Mondays with Trisha: Aggretsuko is Motivational

Aggretsuko is on the brain. Retsuko and the gang's Final Season will release February 2023. That's only a few months away. Since I follow Aggretsuko, I see all kinds of Motivational Memes provided by Sanrio Co. In a way, it's actually Motivational Meme Monday. Christmas and New Year's Day is just around the river bend.... Continue Reading →

Motivational Monday with Trisha: Renew Yourself

New year new me sounds a bit cliche, but there's meaning behind it. It's giving yourself the permission to start over. Sticking to your values is a good thing. If the result of that conviction is pain, it's time to consider a new path. Taking the first step toward change can be difficult. We might... Continue Reading →

Motivational Mondays with Trisha: Christmas Gifts

Let's be honest, the Christmas Countdown starts on Black Friday. Not December 1st. There's a pressure to get everything off Santa's list by Cyber Monday. Otherwise, we set ourselves upto be Arnold Schwarzenegger from Jingle All The Way. While others won't be able to check everything off Santa's list. No matter how much time they... Continue Reading →

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