Magnify Your Style’s Playlist : Cee Lo

Cee Lo Green

As a Pop Artist, Cee Lo is a unique individual. He is one of those people that lyrics can compete with his chorus. People don’t tune out the lyrics. They enjoy the entire song. Most songs I love have strong lyrics. Many of today’s artist rely on the chorus, because it is easier for people to remember. The chorus allows them to sing with the song in the car, at the club, and in the shower.
The first time I heard Cee Lo was nine years ago. I loved the song right away. When he released his official video, the ink blots really made an impression on me. He was able to tastefully in cooperate the mental health concept with out mocking it or confusing the viewer. Ink bloats are based on our perceptions and the images those perceptions trigger in our minds. As the viewer watches the video, they see him singing. I was impressed by his aesthetics and the time and thought that went into the video. Since Crazy, Cee Lo has released many pop hits and is a relevant artist today.

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