Top 10 Black Friday Tips

It’s officially November. At this point, it is socially acceptable to prepare for Christmas. If you plan to join the Black Friday Madness, you will need a plan. Don’t worry, I have your back! If your new to the game or finally got off for Black Friday, you are going up against some seasoned pros. To compete and come out of this retail holiday victorious, check out my Top 10 tips to make you a retail champ this year. No, you will not receive a certificate of achievement. There is a great satisfaction that comes from taking a look at your haul. Good luck and may the odds being your favor…I couldn’t help myself. Mocking Jay is here! Anyways, let’s get focused. We only have a few weeks till Black Friday. Go!

10. Download Black Friday Apps: Stores are leaking their ads way before November. This is a good way to get a bird’s eye view of what’s going to be on sale.


9. Make a list and check it twice: Yeah that’s a little cheesy, but hear me out. Going in with a plan will help you stay focused. It’s not hard to grab stuff you didn’t intend to buy.


8. Decided right now how much you’re going to spend: Yes this is a thrifty retail holiday, but stores have to make money too. Going in with a budget you decide how many stores you will hit that day without bouncing your checking account.


7. Do the math: Make sure its a deal. Don’t worry, you can do this while you’re at the store. Trust me the check out will be long. This is why some people leave the line and comeback with fewer items.


6. Know who your shopping for : I used this method at Wet Seal and FYE. I was able to get my Mom and Sisters gifts at a reasonable price, because I knew what they liked and was able to take advantage of the sales.

christmas shopping list app

5. Map out your trip: You should have a list of stores you plan to stop at. This is vital for premium outlets. Most of them have over 100 stores. Yikes! Get a map and know where the stores are ahead of time.

premium outlet map

4. Leave it for Cyber Monday: You don’t have to get it all in one shot.

cyber monday

3. Monitor local business hours: For the last few years. Black Friday has started as early as midnight. You maybe able to finish shopping early, as well as, prioritize your stops.


2. Go with a buddy: I’ll leave this one up to you. Two pairs of eyes and hands are better than one. The downside of this is partners with different goals. By nature, we don’t like to compromise or feel cheated. Make sure your partner or group has similar objectives and stores for the day.


1. Take the bare minimum: Theft will always be a threat, but it increases during major holiday shopping. Your going to be carrying so many bags. Do you really need to lug an oversize tote too? No, leave it at home. A wristlets or clutch/large wallet will work just as fine. Remember, make sure your wallet has your store loyalty cards. Don’t want to miss any savings!


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