A Very Monkey Christmas with Crafty Morning

Many of us, in the U.S., don’t use our hands daily to make things like an artisan. The holiday season brings out peoples creativity. It typically starts with Halloween and ends with New Years Eve. In my family, Christmas is my time to shine. My husband doesn’t want out tree up before Thanksgiving, but he does not fuss about my Christmas home decor. Personally, I like to build up the anticipation for our family. Like George, many people are in a hurry to get to Christmas morning, but the man with the Yellow hat knows getting there is half the fun.

Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas

Holiday prep can provide quailty time for friendships, relationships and family. After decorating, I usually spend the rest of the holiday season baking, cooking and gift wrapping with little assistance. This year, I want to share the preparation process with our children. Crafty Morning has some traditional crafts and out-of-the-box ideas to keep my family engaged. Links will take you to Michelle’s detailed instructions about each craft.

Gingerbread Jeep by Courtney Ashton

My boys love cars and sweets, They would get a kick out of decorating a Jeep. If your family makes gingerbread houses every year, this is a creative way to revamp your holiday tradition.

Reeses Christmas Tree by Crafty Morning

No one said Christmas crafts have to be hard. Most entertainers and gift wrapper have sweets and ribbon available. The foil cover will protect the chocolate from the glue. With adult supervision, this is a quick craft for kids.

Easy Sock Snowmen by Crafty Morning

Dollar Trees have good craft sections as well as seasonal aisles. Since these socks are being used for decorations there is no need to buy expensive socks. It’s possible to keep this craft cost effective and place these finished products around the house.

Ginger Pot Man by Craft Morning

These pots maybe harder to find, but they will cost less this time of year. Since their already ginger, you only have to paint the facial features and drcotations. If you want an overall glossy finish, feel free to paint them.

Picture Frame Snowman by Crafty Morning

I love rustic Christmas decorations. This craft looks like something you’d find at Hobby Lobby, but you can make with items from the Dollar Tree.

Potted Pinecone Christmas Tree by Crafty Morning

The Pinecone Christmas Tree is probably the 2nd hardest craft listed, because paint, glue, and lights are involved. If the weather permits, it would make a great outdoor activity. If you don’t live in a region with pinecones, you can always buy them. Yes, pinecones are sold for decorative purposes. I used some with my wedding reception center pieces

Gum Snowmen by Crafty Morning

This particular craft amuses me. I’m my opinion, it is more appropriate for preteens and up. Plus, a standard pack of gum makes 4 of these. At the moment, these little guys are only appropriate for my husband’s stocking. If your going to make a lot of these, I suggest buying value packs in the candy aisle instead of checkout.

While I wait for December to come, I’m going to watch Nailed It! Holiday Season 2 with my family. It is a two-part competition for amateur bakers. Bakers usually receive a baked themed prize for the mini challenge and $10,000 for the final challenge.

Nailed It! Holiday on Netflix

I come for the chaos but stay for the baking tips.

I wonder if this season will end with crafty challenges like Season 1.

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