Are Retailers Purposely Selling Ugly Sweaters ?

Have you noticed stores are going out of their way to sell ugly sweaters?

Year after year, ugly sweaters have gradually taken over the holiday season. In the past, you had to go to a Salvation Army, Good Will, or Thrift Store to find one. They certainly weren’t form fitting. So, why are we buying brand new sweaters? Well, they are kind of cute.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still ugly holiday sweaters out there, but the fit and material are changing. This is why retailers can cash in on the craze. I am sharing my thoughts about this, because of a sponsored post on my Facebook newsfeed.

A Unique Vintage sponsored post showed up on my newsfeed. Since the post was festive, I decided to click on it.

Sponsored Holiday Ad

The link featured 2 pages of seasonal apparel and accessories. Needless to say, I came for the dresses, but stayed for the sweaters. The first sweater I saw was $48.

Pink and White Zig Zag Striped Holiday Sweater

At a glance, The Zig Zag sweater looks snug and roomy. It’s good for layering and you can’t go wrong with Snowmen and Christmas Trees. The next sweater is formfitting and cost more.

Retro Style Red Green Holiday Fair Isle Knit Sweater

This one strikes a nerve because, it’s short sleeve and formfitting. It is a stretch fabric, which has the potential to make the sweater curve friendly. Plus it’s photographed with a high-waisted skirt. It’s easy to see the vintage vibe.

It reminds me of Julia Roberts students in Mona Lisa’s Smile. Not very ugly but a time appropriate pattern. I thought the price would go up after this sweater.

Red and White Reindeers Snowflakes Holiday Sweater

This Reindeer & Snowflake sweater is similar to the Snowman & Christmas Tree sweater. Both are $48. Not to include the $7 for shipping. They both look like you can hide a bit of the holiday weight gain without wearing baggy unflattering clothes. Either paired with a cami and jeans will look festive and presentable. However, ugly is subjective.

The three sweaters mentioned above may not be ugly, but people are buying new ugly sweaters. For example, Target is selling Well Worn Ugly Sweaters.

Well Worn Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Kids

Yes, Both Well Worn Gingerbread man Sweater are $19.99. On top of that, Target has a Well Worn category for toddlers, kids and adults.

Prices range from $16.99 to $31.99 for sweaters that look used. They are not as expensive as Unique Vintage, but they still cost more than second hand stores.

As a side note, did you see Chlling with my Snowmies and think Rolling with the Homies?

No…just me? By the way, I just realized Cher, Dionne and Tai went to a Christmas Party in the Valley. Isn’t word association an interesting marketing tool? Personally, I don’t care for the colors or pattern on the sweater. It did make me stop and stare. Does Target really need to sell Well Worn sweaters?

You can’t purchase second hand clothes from Salvation Army and Goodwill online, but they are encouraging shoppers to find holiday sweaters at their stores. Since Ugly Sweater themed parties are popular, it’s important to find a sweater early. Availability is not as consistent as a retail store. It appears retailers are taking advantage of a seasonal demand. At least, consumers have options.

Would you purchase a ugly sweater from a second hand stores or buy a new one?

Have you noticed other companies selling Ugly Sweaters?

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