Does Dumplin’ have Pocket Dolly?

Inspiration can come from unexpected places. After reading “Pocket Dolly Wisdom book ā€“ Wonderful, Witty & Wise,” I started thinking about the Netflix’s movie Dumplin’ [It’s based on Julie Murphy’s book Dumplin’, a 1# New York Times Best Seller]. Last December, my husband and I watched it. Well, I got 10-min into the movie, he walked in and decided to watch the rest with me. So, my me-time turned into an unplannded date night. Although we liked it, it was one of those “you only watch it once films” for us, but I recommend watching it.

On the surface, Dumplin’ seem light hearted momemts. Willowdean aka Dumplin’ deals with loss, love, and self-worth. These themes revolve around the Miss Teen Blue Bonnet pagent. Initially, Willowdean appears to be outspoken and more than willing to give others her two-cents. Overtime, Dumplin’s low self esteem causes conflict in all of her relationships. A viewer doesn’t have to be overweight or a pageant contestant to relate to that. Some of this conflict stems from losing her confidant, Aunt Lucy.

Lucy is the reason Willowdean loves Dolly and met her best friend Ellen Dryver. In my opinion, it is reasonable to assume Will’s aunt would buy Pocket Dolly. After all, it was published in 2015. The book would blend well with her Dolly Parton shrine. Based on Chrissie’s review, I bet Willowdean and Ellen would memorize and quote this book on a regular basis. After all, the two saranaded Dolly classics to each other all the time.

Unfortunately, the films DVD release date is not available. There are a few DVDs floating around the internet, but I wouldn’t trust it. You need an active Netflix account to watch it. However, Pocket Dolly can be your’s for $9.89. The one time purchase is less than a Netflix subscription.

Side Note: Pocket Dolly sounds like Polly Pocket. I wonder what a “Dolly” Polly Pocket would look like? Krystan of Krystan Saint Cat has an idea.

Have you watched Dumplin‘?

Do you listen to Dolly Parton?

Would you gift someone Pocket Dolly or put it in their stocking?

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