Mommy and Me No-Bake Valentine’s Day Treats

The season of love is coming soon. That’s probably why kid-friendly Valentine’s Day crafts keep popping up on my Facebook Newsfeed. These unsolicited posts made me think about tasty projects for my children. My eldest son loves to help me in the kitchen. Learning to cook is an importnat life skill. When I take out his chefs hat and apron, he knows its time to cook. Depending on the recipe, we take turns being the Executive-Chef and the Sous-Chef.

Since he was a toddler, I’ve always bought him something for Valentine’s Day. I want him to learn the purpose behind the holiday and show him that I care. This year, I want to help him make treats for our family. He is too young to use an oven on his own. So, I searched for no-bake recipes. During our cooking shows, he helps me make different kinds of meals and desserts. His favorite recipes are things he can make with limited assistance. I have to take over the stove/oven portions of our cooking show. This is why I searched for no-bake recipes. In my opinion, children can be the Executive-Chef for most of these recipes.

Cupid Crunch Valentine’s Popcorn Mix by This Mama Loves

I love popcorn pretzels and chocolate. This is a tasty blend of sweet and salty. The simple recipe is good for multiple recipients. Personally, I would put this in valentine themed tubberware. They are easier to reseal then a treat bag.

Chocolate Banana Sunday Bites by Finding Zest

In my opinion, these are good snacks for siblings or a classroom. If your little chef is making these for school or daycare, make sure handmade treats are approved.

Chocolate Teddy Bear Bites by Productive Pete

This 3 ingredient recipe is a good opportunity to teach your child how to make icing, but it can be messy. If you don’t have that kind of time, buy aersol icing or pouched icing. It will limit the mess and waste. You can save the rest for another day.

Apple Donuts by Courtney’s Sweets

The recipe is pretty self explanatory, but you should still read it. Courtney has a trick that will help the icing stick to the apple. Her recipe is a festive way to dress up a healthy snack.

Valentine’s Day Fudge by Around My Family Table

Make sure you buy red gel dye. Not pink. If you don’t, the fudge will come out lighter than the picture. You can put the extra white chocolate chip on your apple donuts. Just make sure you have an extra container of icing for the donuts.

Which treat would you make with your kids?

Would you love to receive a no-bake Valentine’s Day treat?

Whose the Executive-Chef in your family?

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