Perfect Valentine’s Date-Night-In Movies

Valentine’s Day puts a lot of pressure on couples to show their love and appreciation in extravagant ways. Sometimes, over the top gifts aren’t in the budget, but quality time is. A Date-Night-In is can be as low-key or over-the-top as you want it to be. If you can’t be together that day, you can still watch a movie together.

Most people share streaming accounts. Providers like Netflix and Hulu won’t let you watch the same thing on two devices/screens. If you have to plan a date-night apart, look for movies that are available on multiple streaming services. Keep in mind, you can rent movies with Amazon Prime, Google and RedBox. This is why its important to plan ahead. Not sure what movie to watch? I have suggestions.

The Vow (2012)

As the title implies, a young married couples vows are put to the test after a severe car accident. Leo (Channing Tatem) tries to patiently help Paige (Rachel McAdams) remember who he is, because she lost a big chunk of her long-term memory. Paige’s personality shift toward Leo is hard to watch. Leo rarely let’s it get him down. I love this movie, because it cover second-chances, selflessness and sacrific.

P.S. I Love You (2007)

Honestly, this movie makes me cry everytime I watch, because Gerry’s (Gerald Butler) personality is similar to my husband’s. He’s goofy at the wrong time, which is aggravating. Like Holly (Hillary Swank), I can’t stay mad at him. Still, I can relate to Holly’s fustration with Gerry. More importantly, their fictional love is so convincing, I can feel Holly’s loss [Did not mean to spoil, but this has been out for a few years now]. If your empathetic, this movie is an emotional roller coaster. Side Note: James Masters aka Spike is in it which was an added bonus for me. Also, the movie is based off a book that’s sequel was published September 2019.

Queen of the Damned (2002)

The movie is an adaptation of Anne Rice’s The Vampire Lestat and Queen of the Damned. Again, it’s an adaptation. This probably seems more like a Halloween movie, but it’s attention to companionship says otherwise. Lestat (Stuart Townsend) is a musically gifted vampire who seeks stardom, because he loathes being alone. Jesse Reeves (Marguerite Moreau) seeks out Lestat, because she is drawn to him and the vampire world. Their connection is just one side of the movie.

Lestats resents living in the shadows. He pours those emotions into music, which awakens Queen Akasha (Aaliyah). Akasha is a cruel relentless vampire that doesn’t value human or vampire life. Aaliyah’s performance is The complete opposite of Romio Must Die. By th way, her birthday was yesterday. She was talented and coming into her own as an actor. Her chilling performance was to much to handle after her unexpected departure from ths world. The gothic vibe maybe a bit dark for Valentine’s Day, but it’s still a good movie filled with passion.

Ever After (1998)

Cinderella, a classic cautionary fairytale, has many different versions. This adaptation focus on Prince Henry (Dougray Scott) and Danielle (Drew Barrymore) relationship. Danielle is an opinionated version of Cinderella. She understands her circumstances, but does not let them define her. Although Henry and Danielle are attracted to each other, their personalities tend to clash. This is a historical period piece. It may not appeal to everyone. Henry and Danielle do not fall in love right away, which is refreshing.

Silver Linnings Playbook (2012)

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence have great on screen chemistry in Silver Linning Playbook. This movie focuses on how hard it is to climb out of rock bottom. This transition impacts the person undergoing a metamorphosis and the people they around them. Surprisingly, this films plot is darker than Queen of the Damned. It deals with mental health, cheating, divorce and life after loss. Patrizio “Pat” Solitano Jr. (Bradley Cooper) and Tiffany Maxwell (Jennifer Lawrence) are imperfect people, who are drawn to each other. Divorce and death loom over them. In my opinion, the film covers a plethora of issues in 2 hrs and 2 min. The road for both is rocky and uncomfortable. Valentine’s Day feels like that for some people, which is why it’s an appropriate film suggestion.

Crazy/Beautiful (2001)

I unintentionally watched this movie fifteen years ago. I fell asleep watching TV and Crazy/Beautiful came on. It’s a Teen Drama with stereotypical tropes, but it has its merits. People don’t approve of Carlos Nuñez (Jay Hernandez) and Nicole Oakley (Kirsten Dunst) relationship. Race and socioeconomical status are used in an unexpected way. Sometimes, relationships negatively impact our ambitious, because of the choices we make. More often than not, Nicole’s choices threaten Carlos’s academic and careee goals. Their toxic relationship is one-sided at times, because of Nicole’s issues. When someone feels cast aside, it’s not uncommon for them to cling to someone that values them. True growth is acknowledging it and doing something about it.

The Longest Ride (2015)

My husband watched the The Longest Ride before I did. He liked it and bought it for our DVD collection a couple of years ago. Last year, I finally watched the entire movie. In my opinion, you have to be in the mood for this movie. It symotainesly tells two love stories with different issues and timelines. Think of it this way. People have a general idea of what the good life is and how they plan to get it.

Love can derail that journey. So, what do you do? Do you put your dreams aside for an epic love or change your future for that love? Luke (Scott Eastwood) and Sophia (Britt Robertson) did not intend to meet each other. College senior, Sophia didn’t want to go to the rodeo. She reluctantly goes and meets Luke, a charming bull rider. Sophia tries to keep it casual, but an elderly gentlemen unintentionally brings them together. I enjoyed this movie because it shows how complicated love and life are. It’s not easy to adjust your life plans for another person.

I picked most of these movies because love wasn’t the central plot. Queen of the Damned is probably the wild card out of all of these. Still, life and relationships are not perfect. Love is making a choice to work through those things.

Which movie(s) have you seen?

What movie have you and your significant other are waiting to see?

Do you prefer to watch romantic comedies or dramas on Valentine’s Day?

Sharing is caring! Let me know what you think.

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