Top 10 Valentine’s Day Songs

Music is a unique art form that invades the mind. It wraps itself around significant life moments and people. Some people prefer to literally listen to the world through their own playlist. I used to live that way, but I have to limit my song time. These Top 10 songs remind me of my husband. We sang some of these off key on road trips. Some songs were featured in movies or popped up on Pandora.

10. The Weekend & Daft Punk I Feel it Coming

First off, I have a bias. I love The Weekend. When it comes to digital downloads, he is one of a few artist that I have purchased their entire album. His collaboration with Daft Punk was unexpected and greatly appreciated. I love signing it and hate when my husband tries to record me.

9. Bruno Mars That’s What I Like

This one of my favorite songs, it’s catchy and easy to sing. In my opinion, it’s about enjoying the finer things in life with someone you care about. At one point, it was on the radio all the time.

8. Ciara Greatest Love

I like this song, because it’s relatable. I have a blended family, I didn’t think that was possible. In the video, you can really see and hear how much she loves Russell Wilson. Plus, she’s got 90’s R&B vibes in this video as well. If anyone is out there alone this year, love doesn’t end with a break up or divorce.

7. Tessa Thompson I will go to War

Tessa needs to release an album, her vocals are amazing and makes Micheal B. Jordan’s entrance in to the ring chilling. There is a longer version of this song, but the scene from the movie is too good not to share. In my opinion, the song shows that love can be your strength. You are not alone, because of these essential connections in your life.

6. Post Malone and Swea Lee Sunflower

I loved Spider-Man into the Spiderverse, because of this song. Miles Morales hums it in the beginning of the movie. He uses it to relax in Olivia Octavians labretory. The instrumental plays softly as Gwen asks Miles if he’s got a minute. In my opinion, its his go to song. The music video is even better, because of the storyboard. The lyrics are embeded into key scenes from the movie. It’s got a lot of spoilers, but it’s beautifully done. I still watch it often.

5. Chris Brown feat. Drake No Guidance

This song was an instant hit. These two make amazing music on their own. I just wish they collabed sooner. The music video reminded me of Micheal Jackson, because he was the first artist to create short films with his music. Chris and Drake have used that formula for their own songs. The video plays to both of their strengths. Drake has been raping so long that people forget that he is a good actor. Drake is actually funny in this video. His dancing was trash, but his commitment to the scene is what shines through. Of course, Chris was amazing. When he moves, he takes over the room. His background dances complimented his storytelling through dancing. It’s like they embodied Drake and Chris’s lyrics. That’s why I shared the full music video.

4. Ed Sheeran I’m in Love with the Shape of You

Ed’s song is good for body positivity. Sometimes, we worry about what other people think of our bodies, as well as, dismissing how our partner feels about our appearance. In truth, their opinion is the only one that should matter. The rest of the world doesn’t see the full picture. Most people want to change something about their physical appearance. I’m my opinion, this song is describes partners that look past those flaws.

3. Sven Streeter It Won’t Stop

This is one of those smooth summer jams. The beach scenes compliment it. I love Sven and Chris signing around the fire. The song reminds me of the daily effort we put into relationships that do not go unnoticed. I keep this song on the rotation and it’s a part our roadtrip playlist.

2. Russ Losin’ Control

Pandora introduced me to Russ. This song is relatable because it talks about how hard it is to push past our demons. Some partners are able to recognize that they are not the cause of the direct cause of their partners reactions. It talks about some of the self doubt that comes out of past relationships. In some cases, love is messy and it takes effort.

1. Rebecca Sugar Love Like You

Most of the Steven Universe fandom loves Rebecca Sugar and the Crewniverse because of the topics they tackle. Plus, the songs sound amazing. Of all the songs, Love Like You is my favorite. This is not a Cartoon Network music video, but it beautifully illustrates Rose Quartz and Stevens journey. The lyrics demonstrate how difficult it can be to reciprocate someone else’s love language. The narrator wants to give and show the same amount of love to the recipient. Love requires effort from both parties.

Are there songs that remind you of your significant other?

What are your favorite love songs?

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