What to Wear to a Super Bowl Party

It’s not Thanksgiving, but comfort foods are everywhere. What holiday is this? It’s not an official American holiday, but it is known as Super Bowl Sunday. It’s one of the most highly anticipated sporting events in the United States. The game is not the only thing that draws people in. Some watch for the half time show and commercials.

This year, JLO is performing in Miame! Most artist try to bring it for the half time show like Princes’s Purple Rain performance in the rain. It was so good, I still watch it on YouTube. Last year, Maroon 5 performed. It was okay. The performances can be hit or miss. Since Superbowl parties equal comfort food, it’s best to wear comfy casual pieces. Even if your summer bod is in progress, there is no pressure to show off where your at with your new year new me goal body.

Stretch Fit

If you don’t want to feel like your wearing pajamas, consider stretch fit pants. You can still wear jeans, but you won’t have awkward bunches or fabric in the wrong spots

Cami + Cardigan

Get the benefits of a hoodie withtout covering most of your top. Plus, cardigans can dress up tank tops and look good an most body types.

Flat Shoes/Boots

I know some women live in heels, but location should dictate footwear. If your going to a Superbowl Party at a public venue, heels can pull a look together. If your going to a relatives home or throwing your own party, save yourself some pain.

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