Mini Backpack Essentials

After three decades of life, my handbag preference has changed. I used to use tote bags. They were flexible, but did not zip. Plus, I used to overstuff them. Then, I switched to medium size handbags with adjustable straps. It was harder to overstuff these bags. Still the cross body or one shoulder hang was annoying. I bumped into things [ I naturally do on my own]. Once I became a mom, a hand bag and diaper bag wasn’t practical for me. So, I switched to wallet purses. Eventually, I got tired of having to dig through my kids diaper bags to find my essentials. The hunt for the right bag began.

Last year, my family and I went to the mall. On the way out, we stopped at Game Stop. Since I did not complete Breath of the Wild or South Park Stick of Truth, I was not looking for games for my Nintendo Switch Lite. Note: I get a majority of my anime merchandise from Game Stop. On that particular trip, I found a Grogu (Baby Yoda) backpack! I decided to treat myself.

Prior to this purchase, I wasn’t using handbags for me. My pink Vera Bradley oversized tote turned in to a snack and beverage bag for my kids. My wallet purse didn’t have the capacity to hold handbag essentials. So, I stopped by the following stores for essentials: Marshalls, Target, Walmart and Dollar Tree.

1. Clorox Wipes

2. Wet Ones

3. Hand Sanitizer

4. Deodorant

5. EOS Lip Balm

6. Lens/Screen Wipes

7. Q-tips

8. Spearmint Lifesavers

9. Sunscreen

10. Sunglasses

11. Benefiber

12. Wallet

13. Bandana

14. Hair clips

15. Hair ties

16. Mini notebook

17. Pens

18. Phone charger

I keep most of these items in my bag for self care. Since my daily bag is smaller than my oversized tote, I have to limit what I put in it.

What are your essentials?

3 thoughts on “Mini Backpack Essentials

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  1. Yoda bag I do love! You sound very organized, ready for any crisis or daily activity. In my mini backpack purse I have sanitizer, lip balm, my phone, my wallet, my keys, pens, a mask, tissues, earplugs and a snack. I take water and a hat with me for longer forays.


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