Mom Life with Vera Bradley

Remember that Vera Bradley post I wrote 10 years ago? I was a college graduate reflecting on the style that took a hold of my campus. I didn’t own any Vera Bradley. Let’s Fast Forward, I’m a wife and mom of two with several Vera Bradley bags and matching accessories. I felt like it was time to explain how I embraced her line.

In my opinion, Vera Bradley products are alluring, colorful, and vibrant. If they weren’t, I wouldn’t notice them. Also, the quilted fabric makes Vera Bradley timeless. Let’s face it. Today fashion is more than your clothes jewelry and handbags. It is also about the tools you need to get through life. Whither you like it or not, the things you carry impact your overall style and message to others. This may seem unimportant, but think back to the days when people had to use generic unattractive items to get through life.

Patricia Streeter, What’s The Hype with Vera Bradley, 2012

Let me start by saying this, the baby care industry has a variety of functional gear that makes new mom life easier. That doesn’t mean those options are fashionable. Also, there’s an age limit for those items. So, many end up donating, selling, or tossing baby gear they no longer have use for. I wanted new mom necessities that I could continue to use. My desire to get my money’s worth made me run (metaphorically) into Vera Bradley’s arms.

I saw it as a push present for myself. Something that would “fit” me during that fourth trimester that people don’t talk about. It’s that last phase of pregnancy. The baby is born but the deflated baby bump is still here. Depending on your birth experience, your pre pregnancy clothes won’t necessarily fit right away. That’s why I bought my push present with that in mind. Also, I still needed a baby bag and mom bag. Baby’s can be unpredictable. Regardless of how a baby is nourished, mom’s need a change of clothes, toiletries, and snacks too.

I bought an Lime Up Overnight Vera Bradley bag to use as my baby bag…with the matching make up bag and wristlet wallet. You know…the one I featured in my post 10 years ago.

Limes Up Vera Bradley All In One Wristlet

Then, I bought an oversized tote for my mommy bag. If you recall, I mentioned this pretty in pink bag in mini backpack post last year. Sometimes, I use it as a backdrop for Instagram posts. It wasn’t just the tote, I bought a matching lunchbox, makeup bag, wristlet, glasses pouch, and wallet [I’ll admit they were on clearance cause they were going out of season, which is why I went on a shopping spree]. After all these years, I’m still using my push present. It’s mainly a library tote.

Before I bought my Baby Yoga mini backpack (that was replaced by my baby blue Adidas mini backpack), I bought a simple gray crossbody wallet. This bag has a protective touch screen that does well for oversized smartphones. The screen protector is not feature below, but this wallet was better suited for going out with friends not mom mode. It was a 2020 purchase. So, Vera Bradley still has a hold on me. Don’t mind the bat knife. It was a just because present from my husband.

I enjoyed opening up to you all about why I am a Vera Bradley consumer. I love writing about how style plays a role in our daily life. Fashion was the seed that started Magnify Your Style. It feels good to look back at where I started and share with you were Magnify Your Style is now. I haven’t applied for Vera Bradley’s affiliate or ambassador program, but I am thinking about it.

Don’t forget, my new weekly segment. Trisha Goes In Fridays aka TGIF. This Friday’s post was inspired by an Emmy Award Winner. Who could it be?

Vampire Diaries has nothing to do with this. This is just an excuse to use a Daemon Salvatore Gif 😏

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