TGIF: I Love Lucy and Desi

Is it weird that I Love Lucy? Not really, the show usually came on after my Saturday morning cartoons. Since it was a family friendly show, I found humor in it. That enjoyment continued from childhood to adulthood. After all, Lucy and Ricky are so iconic. While I was scanning my Instagram for Vera Bradley posts, I realized my sixth instagram post featured the TV Couple.

Growing up, I didn’t know Lucy was actually married to Ricky. In fact, a trailer for the documentary, Lucy and Desi, revealed that truth. As “Young and Beautiful” played in the background, I was crushed in that same moment, because they divorced. Their marriage had problems, but the shows success played a big role in the divorce. Thankfully, love wasn’t lost between them. I was interested to find out how they came together and what drove them a part. But before we get into that, did you know a biodrama was made about the couple in 2021? It’s called Being the Ricardos. I’m not sure how it slipped past my radar [The Amazon Studio movie is Rated R]. One thing is certain, Lana Del Ray‘s voice paired with footage of Lucy Ball and Desi Arnaz made me stop Facebook scrolling and cry.

The trailer didn’t make me watch it…right away. Let’s just say, I didn’t have Amazon Prime at the time. So, it was one of those, that looks nice and I kept it moving. Lucy and Desi came back on my radar because I am a fan of Lizzo’s Watch Out For the Big Grrrls. Why does that matter? I’ll tell you. Amazon Studio won eight Emmys this year. Their Instagram post reminded me that the documentary was on Amazon Prime.

Upon seeing the Instagram post, I immediately went to the app and searched for Lucy and Desi. I added it to my Watch List. At that point, I fell down the rabbit whole and found out about the TV movie and their daughter’s documentary, that featured home movies of the Ricardo’s. Hence, the reason I decided to make this TGIF about Lucy and Desi. It’s not that I planned to have a tear jerking weekend. It’s just the best time to unwind and enjoy me-time with limited interruptions. Although the documentary is the latest installment in the cinematography Amazon Prime has to offer, I decided to summarize my thoughts on each in chronological order [except for the 3 hour Lucy TV Movie from

Lucy and Desi: A Home Movie (1994) 3 hrs 30 min

As a viewer, I got to really understand how Lucy had to crawl her way up to success, as well as, Desi coming from everything and never really being able to regain what he lost in Cuba. I was taken aback by the raw honesty provided by childhood friends, industry friends and family members. Finding out that Ricky had “Dames” from time to time was disappointing. Since I watched the 2022 documentary first, I knew that he responded to stress by enjoying vices but that documentary didn’t imply that Desi cheated. So, I was surprised it happened. Lucy often said they’d been married for 10 but together over a year. You cant have a baby over the phone. Since it takes two to have a marriage, joint effort to be together led to improved family life and the I Love Lucy.

Unfortunately, the home movies lacked audio. To be fair, the ability to capture your families private moments on film is extravagant for the 50s and 60s. The ability to capture moments and share them instantly is something our society takes for granted. That being said, the viewer can still enjoy audio from previous Lucy and Desi interviews. Overall, the format of the documentary mirrors an extended “60 Minutes” segment. The flow is on brand for what directors were doing in the 90s. Don’t let that deter you from enjoying it.

Lucy and Desi (2022) [PG] 1 hr 43 min

You know…I pride myself on my research skills and ability to retain information. This documentary humbled me. There was so much that I didn’t know about Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Being able to hear their thoughts and opinions like there were interviewed yesterday, really made me appreciate audio. They didn’t have to do this. I’m sure in a way, this gave them a chance to explain to their children why their home life was broken. What Lucy and Desi did is considered living history.

I have a passion for social and cultural history. I was pleasantly surprised to see high resolution footage of Lucy and Desi’s previous work. Plus, the indepth explanation of how Desi established Desilu, a powerful independent television production company, from the ground up. It was amazing to learn about all the shows they produced while filming their own successful show, as well as, why it was sold Overall, I felt Lucy and Desi were able to share the stage as equals in this documentary. It is something that fans and historians can cherish. More importantly, the divorce did not create love loss between the two.

Amazon Prime is Like Walking in a Lucy Wonderland

I assumed I Love Lucy was Lucille’s only show. Turns out I was mistaken. I’m surprised I didn’t grow up Watching her other shows on TVLand, which are The Lucy Show and Here’s Lucy. I haven’t watched them yet, but Lucy and Desi added clips from both shows. If you were looking for some nostalgia to binge watch this weekend. Lucy is here for you on Amazon Prime.

Have you watched Lucy and Desi? If so, what did you like about it?

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