Low Maintenence Hairstyles do not Exist

You know what's funny about low maintenance hair styles...they aren't low maintenance. Two of my daily hairstyles are considered low maintenance. If my hair isn't in a ponytail, the curls are out and about. A lot of work and hair product goes into it. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNfbOg1rUos/?utm_medium=copy_link My hair is thick and curly. I used to get... Continue Reading →

Skip the Drive Thru and Brew Dunkin’ Coffee at Home

Dunkin' coffee is my daily splurge. To keep my vice budget friendly, I use the K-Cup single brew side of my Hamiltion Beach FlexBrew. I am not a barista, but my coffee order is simple. There is no point in paying someone else to brew bold coffee for me. My simple order is not the... Continue Reading →

Fluffernutter Cookies, First Attempt…

It's another day of starring at the pantry wondering, "What can I bake in here?" I noticed a bag of mini marshmellows. So, I searched for marshmellow cookie recipes. The search yielded a lot of chocolate and marshmellow cookies. Sadly, I only had Hershey Cocoa Powder. Feeling defeated, I resumed my search. Surprisingly, I found... Continue Reading →

Keep Track of Your New Year New Me Goals

New Year New Me is a few weeks away. Many people reflect on their year and determine what they want to fix next year. Unfortunately, New Year Resolution success rates are very low. Part of that stems from lack of planning and accountability. Although most of people walk around with mini assistance (smart phones/tablets/iPads), calendar... Continue Reading →

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