Fluffernutter Cookies, First Attempt…

It’s another day of starring at the pantry wondering, “What can I bake in here?”

I noticed a bag of mini marshmellows. So, I searched for marshmellow cookie recipes. The search yielded a lot of chocolate and marshmellow cookies. Sadly, I only had Hershey Cocoa Powder.

Feeling defeated, I resumed my search. Surprisingly, I found a Fluffernutter Cookies. The marshmellow peanut butter cookie recipe is available at Dessert Now Dinner Later.

In the past, I use to glance at a recipe’s ingredients and ignore the instructions. I’m glad I stopped doing that, because Fluffernutter Cookies call for frozen marshmellows. If you don’t have frozen marshmellows, Amber Brady suggest freezing 1 cup of marshmellows for 1 to 2 hours.

Besides baking with frozen marshmellows, I decided to add salt too. Growing up, I was taught not to bake with it. In the spirit of trying out a new recipe. I decided try baking with salt. The result was…fluffernutter

My cookies came out colossus. My cookie scooper was probably to big. Also. I did not try to reshape them like Amber suggested. They taste like fluffernutters. Plus, my kids liked them.

Although they came out a bit flat, these are very soft cookies. Definitely grease the spatula for each cookie transfer. Otherwise, they’ll start falling a part.

For a first attempt, they came out pretty good. It was supposed to make 20 cookies, but I made 14. To be fair, my first batch was to big. Most of the marshmellows melted. I think I baked them too long. Below was the closest I got to Brenda’s cookies.

I wouldn’t bring this batch to a cookie exchange, but I would make them for my family again. Next time, I’ll chill the dough for a bit. It may help keep the scoops smaller.

If you’re curious. They were supposed to look like this…😅

Fluffernutter Cookies from Dessert Now Dinner Later

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