Skip the Drive Thru and Brew Dunkin’ Coffee at Home

Dunkin’ coffee is my daily splurge. To keep my vice budget friendly, I use the K-Cup single brew side of my Hamiltion Beach FlexBrew. I am not a barista, but my coffee order is simple. There is no point in paying someone else to brew bold coffee for me. My simple order is not the only reason I stopped picking up hot coffee from Dunkin’.

Limited Substitutions

I flavor my coffee with Stevia and Lactiad, because creamer has empty calories. In my experience, my substitutions aren’t available at Dunkin’. Instead of heading over to the closest Dunkin’, I setup my Flexbrew before bed.

When I get up for the day, all things are right in the world. Then, I remember I’m a wife and mother and proceed with my day. Plus, daily trips to Dunkin’ for black coffee can get pricey…

Convenience isn’t Cheap

On average, I drink about 24 ounces of coffee. One large brewed coffee from Dunkin’ is 20 ounces and cost $2.09. Whereas, Dunkin’ coffee grinds range from $6 to $11. Even a box of (10) Dunkin’ K-Cups is cheaper than three trips to Dunkin’ for a 20 ounce coffee. Yes, I basically get 7 large coffees for free. By the way, I’m not missing out on limited edition flavors.

In-store Variety

Shopping centers have access to limited edition flavors too. Typically, they cost the same as standard Dunkin’ flavors, but manufacturers short the consumer one ounce. It’s annoying, but still cost effective. It really comes down to how you brew.

Brew Control

I’m the only one that drinks coffee daily in my family. I used to fill my (12 Cup) Glass Carafe Coffee Pot to the 6 line. I finished it within 90 minutes from brew.

Overtime, I stopped drinking two mugs of coffee back to back. So, I was dumping cold coffee. Now, I only brew what I need. To save money, I use reusable K-cups too.

Wrap it Up

Some of us run on Dunkin’…I mean coffee. Small charges add up quickly. Earlier, I said I drink about 24 ounces of coffee a day. A large Dunkin’ brewed coffee is $2.09. Let’s multiply that by 7-days. That’s already $14.63 in one week.

In 30 days, I’ve spent $63.70. Still seems low? A large Dunkin’ cup is only 20 ounces, which does not meet my daily intake requirements.

Currently I finish a 12 ounce bag of coffee grounds in about 14 days. I could buy a months worth of coffee for less than 7-days of takeout coffee. That’s not bad for black coffee.

Do you prefer to brew coffee at home?

Do you budget for takeout coffee expenses?

What’s your go to brand of coffee?


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