Country Ever After + Top 10 Coffey Anderson Music Videos

Last fall, I was decluttering the house. I wanted background noise and something that was kid-friendly. Netflix suggested Country Ever After. The black country singer and white hip-hop dancer raising a Christian family caught my attention. After about two episodes, I realized I stopped sorting clothes by donation, storage, and trash. Coffey and Criscilla Anderson reaffirmed that faith/religion doesn’t mean you’re boring. Cancer is not a death sentence. Your light has the ability to impact friends, family, and strangers. The reality show was funny and wholesome.

To my knowledge, Netflix is not continuing the reality show, which is disappointing. In my opinion, Country Ever After is a binge worthy show.  It took my a while to realize Coffey’s music is used at various points in the show. Sometimes, he quotes his songs in conversation. Ultimately, those plugins made me look into his catalogue on YouTube.

Although I love music, country is not my favorite genre. Still, I can’t deny that Coffey Anderson has an amazing voice. Plus, he writes music that embodies each phase of his life. I prefer to watch music videos on YouTube and listen to music on Pandora. So, I compiled my favorite Coffey Anderson music videos.

10. Hillbilly Gangster

9. Can I

8. Your New Boyfriend is Ugly

7. I Wanna Be Your Cowboy

6. Tacos and Margaritas

5. Ride Out

4. She’s Famous

3. Better Today

2. All The Way To Texas

1. Cowboys Like Me

What are your favorite country songs?

Are you a Coffey Anderson fan?

If you enjoyed his music videos, don’t forget to like and share your favorites.

Coffey Anderson albums and singles are available on Spotify and iTunes.

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