Creators Promoting Creators : KevOnStage and Tabitha Brown

The first time I noticed Tabitha Brown was a short social media post KevOnStage (Kevin Fredericks) made about her new McCormick spice. He joked that her spice could go with anything. My friends and family know that McCormick is one of my favorite brands. My readers have seen pictures of spices in my food and recipe posts too. Tabitha Brown’s All Purpose Seasoning is called Sunshine. It contains pineapple and mango, which gives it summer vibes. Sunshine did not make me look into Tabitha Brown, but the video made an impression.

Then, KevOnStage shared a clip from Friday’s with Tab & Chance. Tabitha and Chance Brown’s show consist of core topics from their marriage, parenting and vegan reviews mixed with banter in-between. Let’s just say, Tabitha was feeling herself and Chance called her out. To be honest, I didn’t realize the woman in the video was Tabitha Brown, because of her hair. Usually, Donna (Tabitha’s hair) is natural and free (an afro). Plus, I did not know what her husband looked like at the time. Several content creators that I follow shared the clip as well. I found the episode it happened in by accident, which led to the A-ha moment. In my opinion, the full video is worth watching. No need to look for it. It’s right here!

“Yo Part Crooked. Get on it.” ~ Chance

Still, I did not search for Tabitha Brown. Not after she beat KevOnStage for the 2020 NCAAP Image Award. Nor her response to Wendy Williams shady comments about Chance. By the way, Here’s The Thing, a KevOnStage and That Chick Angel podcast, featured a lengthy segment about the Tabitha’s polite response. Honestly, I was missing out on sunshine personified. Those moments made me sit and watch Coming To The Stage.

Coming To The Stage is an interview series on Kevonstage Studios Streaming Service. Tabitha Brown’s interview is Season One Episode Two. Her testimony spoke to me. She was a relatable wife and mother in a blended family. She worked hard to go after her dreams and be a co-provider with Chance. As we all know, Life is unpredictable. She endured many seasons of progress and setbacks in her acting career. Her foundation in faith and family made her dreams attainable. Since Coming To The Stage is a podcast, the full episode is available below. Note: KevOnStage Studios Streaming Service is ad free.

Coming To The Stage : Tabitha Brown

It’s hard to stick with a dream that does not bare immediate results. This fact reminded me of Coffey Anderson. The season finale of Country Ever After started with an old vlog entry. Coffey discussed his dream and his economic situation. Things were looking bleak. Now, he’s a successful independent artist that can support his family with his passion. It took faith and work to get there.

“So many of us want the blessing, but we don’t want the breakin’. You want to be Steph Curry, but you don’t want to shoot 2,000 hoops everyday in the summa.”

Coffey Anderson, Country Ever After

Tabitha Brown is more than TikTok and veganism. The road from North Carolina to California and back was full of potholes. Tabitha and Chance Brown shared that journey on several podcasts. Rather than reiterate their story, I thought it was best to hear it from them. The interviews below are from The Love Hour and The Bald and The Beautiful.

Dream Again : Realist Married to Dreamers
How It Started, How It’s Going with The Bald and The Beautiful

I am thankful that KevOnStage shared Tabitha Brown’s content, because I don’t use TikTok. She has a Facebook Page and YouTube, but her content wasn’t being promoted on my newsfeed. Since I didn’t look into Tabitha right away, I am playing catch up. She’s truly and inspiration. Don’t wait to check out her content like I did.

Do you know who Tabitha Brown is?

Do you watch Tab Time on YouTube?

If your a fan of KevOnStage, have you found other content creators through his platform?

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