Top 10 Shows to Watch on KevOnStage Studio Streaming Service

Kevin Fredericks aka KevOnStage is one of my favorite comedians. To be clear, I am not Stage Krew. Meaning, I’m not on Patreon. I don’t go to shows or buy merch. I am a minimal effort fan. The like, share, and subscribe tribe. Free loader is the word that comes to mind…until 2021. After about four years of free content, I decided to pay for a one year subscription of KevOnStage Studios Streaming Service.

Honestly, the upfront cost was cheaper than one year of Hulu with ads. Still, I didn’t pay right away. I took advantage of the free trial. Then, I talked it over with my husband. He agreed it was better to pay $50 upfront and see how it goes. After years of free laughs, it was nice to sow a seed for once. I am glad that I did. It’s rare to find this much quality black content in one place.

KevOnStage Studio Streaming Service has a variety of shows, short films, stand-up and documentaries. The following are my favorites in numerical order.

10. Kev On Everything

KevOnStage meets with a professional to learn how to do specific trade/job. It was an All Deff Digital show, but Kev bought the rights. My favorite episodes are KevOnFitness and KevOnCoffee.

9. Black Card Off Layaway

“Black Card Off Layaway” is a funny concept to me. There is an unofficial list of things we are expected to know, experience, and do. The series started off with movie reviews and evolved into activities with guest experts.

8. Keon’s All Star Teams

From the set to the guest, “Keon’s All Star Teams” is delivering debates and laughs. It’s like an argument with friends in a game show setting. Nothing is too outrageous to debate. If you watched “Great Taste,” check out “Keon’s All Star Teams.”

7. Explain This

Some of us have cringe worthy photos out there. KevOnStage and Tahir Moore unearth each guest candid photos for an interrogation/roast. Some guest put up a fight through the roast. In my opinion, those are the best episodes.

6. Crafts & Cocktails

“Craft and Cocktails” is like watching tipsy friends trying to make Pinterest worthy DIY projects. Let’s just say, some projects come out better than others. Angel creates a custom cocktail for each guest and ask a variety of personal questions throughout the episode. Only select episodes from Season One are available on the app. Season Two is on the way.

5. Real Comedians Challenge Show

My favorite part about this show are the mini interviews. Angel, Tahir, Tony and Kev are trash talking like their competitors can’t hear them. Plenty of quality one liners. The challenges are hilarious and I can’t wait for Season Three.

4. Love On Stage

Dating shows dominate most networks. Most of them are not focused on establishing genuine connections. Honestly, they make a mockery of relationships and marriage. “Love On Stage” does the opposite. Although the audienced paired up the finalist, the couples are not pushed to continue dating beyond the scope of the show. Since the dates are virtual, the physical aspect of human connection is put on hold.

3. What’s Good?!

I love travel food shows. I’m guilty of watching “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” and “Fluffy Food Adventures.” Although the show debuted Thanksgiving 2021. It is one of the reasons, I got the app in May. Since the show was filmed during KevOnStage’s comedy tour, there are a variety of guest host. Plus, the show highlights non-food black owned business. “What’s Good?!” is one of the reasons I plan to renew my subscription. So far, it’s taking a virtual road trip with your friends. Vegan restaurants are getting a lot of love too.

2. Here’s The Thing

To be honest, the app introduced me to KevOnStage and That Chick Angel’s podcast. Kev and Angel discuss a variety of trending topics with funny side bars and stories. “Here’s The Thing” is available on various platforms. I prefer to watch it on the app. Plus, I get to watch the bonus episodes!

1. Coming To The Stage

This relatively new show took the top spot for a few reasons. The pre-interview research is on point. Guest are visibly surprised by the background info Kev uses for his questions. The show promotes growth and evolution. Some of the guest appeared in other shows like “Real Comedians Challenge Show.” It was nice to learn more about them.

If you are not a subscriber, I recommend checking out the site. You can explore the content without downloading the app. However, you can’t watch content without a subscription.

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