KevOnStage Studios Adds New Exclusive Scripted and Unscripted Shows to Streaming Service

I have a confession to make. I was one of the KevOnStage Studios subscribers that was upset that Here’s The Thing left the app November 2022. To be fair, it was the only ongoing show that updated weekly. Since the yearly subscription is a better deal, I paid for my second year up-front. Although What’s Good, Crafts & Cocktails, Real Comedians Challenge Show, and Coming To The Stage are my comfort shows, I’m only going to rewatch them so many times between seasonal shows like Love On Stage. That is why I am happy there’s more original content for Kevin and Melissa Frederick’s black owned streaming service. It felt like the app isn’t being abandoned in favor of Patreon.

I understand the appeal to abandon ship. Patreon is a third party service that content creators can use to share and live stream content with their supporters. Supporters pay for tiered access to the content with monthly/annual subscriptions. Whereas Kevin and Melissa Frederick, as well as, their business partners must directly pay staff to maintain their streaming service. That’s not including production cost for set, talent, craft services, and so on. Thanks to their commitment to producing accessible black content, I’ll have to update my Top Ten Shows To Watch On KevOnStage Studios

What’s New?

Khleo Thomas Two Bite Rule Unscripted Show
Welcome to the kitchen of our Khleo Thomas, where he invites his guests to expand their palettes. Each week our guests will try new foods from around the globe, and in Khleo’s kitchen there’s a Two Bite Rule.

That's Cape Game Show Hosted By KevOnStage
That’s Cap’ is a trivia based game show, where contestants guess if the answers given by a rotating panel of comedians are Fact or Cap! Correct guesses get the contestant a space on the board in their color, and the first to get 3 in a row wins $500! Nobody goes home empty handed, though, as the runner up will go home with a “very special” consolation prize!

A Workplace Comedy
A dysfunctional NOT News Team trying to build it’s brand without taking out each other in the process.

Honorable Mention

Churchy A Scripted Comedy Drama KevOnStage Studios
When Corey Carr gets passed over to be come head pastor of his dads church he moved to Lubbock Texas try and take over a small town church.

Final Thoughts

If you are not a subscriber, I recommend checking out the site. This way, you can explore the content without downloading the app. However, you can’t watch content without a subscription. The monthly subscription is $5.99 plus tax and $49.99 plus tax a year. Why not sign-up for a 7-day free trial this weekend?


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