Sega Genesis : Disney’s Aladdin

This post contains affiliate link(s). If you make a purchase through my affiliate link or use my coupon code, I will recieve a small commission of that sale. Games from the 90s are mechanically harder for me to progress in than current games. Timing and precision are key. Plus, most games back then didn't have... Continue Reading →

Motivational Mondays with Trisha: Spring

It may feel like your city doesn't know what season it wants to be right now. Do not fret. Spring is almost here. It is a time of rebirth and reflection. Winter's reluctant to accept the end. Spring is eager to reset the world. If you're feeling restless, think about how this year has gone... Continue Reading →

Nostalgia Snack: Life Savers Creme Savers

A few days ago, I was watching reels and got smacked in the face by nostalgia. To my surprise, Iconic Candy brought back Creme Savers, a fruit and creme flavored hard candy. Patrick taught me two things. One, Creme Savers are a spinoff of Life Savers. Two, Creme Savers were discontinued. I didn't know they... Continue Reading →

Gamer Girls: 25 Women Who Built The Video Game Industry

Mary Kenney and a selection of accomplished women address the joy and sorrow that come from the gaming industry. The books main audience is girls of all ethnicities that are interested in making videos games, as well as, working in the industry. Although the book titles says 25 Women, some chapters contain Side Quests with... Continue Reading →

Motivational Mondays with Trisha: Creativity

Have you noticed that creativity is encouraged early in life, but adolescence interested in becoming artisans are advised against it. Its the idea that you can't make a living doing what you love. They're encouraged to put that creative energy into academics and sports. After all,  a creative mind can be utilized in unexpected places.... Continue Reading →

Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day

Shout-out to Vanessa's Social Media 2023 Calender for Well-being Bloggers! Her free digital calendar inspired today's post. Did you know that today is Random Acts of Kindness Day? I didn't. Although the holiday has a positive message, it's not associated with paid time off. You're more likely to hear about it in a classroom that's... Continue Reading →

Sweet Ideas for your Saint Patrick’s Day Party

Although popular culture associates The Feast of Saint Patrick's Day with excessive alcohol consumption, its important to eat throughout the day. Why not munch on festive treats? Well, some of us lack creativity in the kitchen. If you need a push in the right direction, Pinterest is a great place to start. I love pinning... Continue Reading →

Motivational Mondays with Trisha: Diligence

Last year, I wanted to increase my publishing schedule with consistent content. But what to write? I started with an idea that I abandoned 10 years ago. To my surprise, Motivational Mondays/Meme Mondays¬† with Trisha (MMWT) is 10-months old. It sounds like an easy weekly post to maintain. Honestly, MMWT requires diligence. Some Mondays are... Continue Reading →

Abbott Elementary Valentine Drama

*Spoiler Alert* ~ Post may contain some spoilers from Season One thru Two of Abbott Elementary, as well as, S2 E14 [Just noticed that's literally 2/14]. Raise your hand if your frustrated with Gregory. If you don't know who Gregory Eddie is, he's a fictional First Grade Teacher at Abbot Elementary. He started as a... Continue Reading →

Miitopia: A Low Stress Fantasy Role Playing Game for Casual Gamers

After playing Pokemon Arceus, Breath of the Wild, and Rune Factory 5, I was in the mood for a minimal effort RPG. I didn't want to be bogged down by lengthy arcs. Nor, run around in an open world. I guess, I missed the surprise of unexpected battles with monsters. I wanted a strategy game... Continue Reading →

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