Miitopia: A Low Stress Fantasy Role Playing Game for Casual Gamers

After playing Pokemon Arceus, Breath of the Wild, and Rune Factory 5, I was in the mood for a minimal effort RPG. I didn’t want to be bogged down by lengthy arcs. Nor, run around in an open world. I guess, I missed the surprise of unexpected battles with monsters. I wanted a strategy game that needed limited interaction from me. Combat wise at least. Turns out, that game was Miitopia.

At first, Miitopia was only available on Nintendo 3DS (which I gave to my eldest child), The game was released for Nintendo Switch May 21, 2021. Although the game has crude humor and mild cartoon violence. The single player adventure game is Rated E for  Everyone. So it’s not the stuff of nightmares and it’s not so hard that I’d lose interest right away.

Mii Characters, Jobs, and Personality

The most taxing part of the game is customizing Mii Characters. Thankfully, there’s a way to speed up the process. Non Player Characters have default faces. If your not in it for th countless faces you’ll have to design, just click default and keep it moving. There’s a way to turn this single player game into a group project. Ask friends to send Mii Characters via Nintendo Online.

Unfortunately, you can’t use default faces for Player Control characters, but there’s a look-a-like option. After picking a face, you can adjust the characters features. If you don’t care, simply name the new character joining your party. This way, you can move onto picking their role and personality. Note: game progression impacts job selection.

Player Relationships

Miitopia reminds me of Inuyasha: The Secret of the Cursed Mask because it was the my first RPG game that I had to build relationships with Characters. Those budding relationships impacted how my characters fought in battle, as well as, unlocking 30 minutes of exclusive anime footage. Miitopia doesn’t have anime level animation, but it takes less time to foster string bonds.

There are several ways to build your team’s support. That’s sharing rooms in the inn. You can use outing tickets to help character go on day trips. If your in the mood to gamble, you can win getaway trips too. The stronger their connection, the more likely they’ll be to support each other on battle.

You have to be careful, the long journey can lead to strife between characters. The cause can be as simple as miscommunication, as well as, jealousy. There are ways to defuse these situations. Its better to do it sooner rather than later. Infighting won’t help in mini boss fights.

Final Thoughts

Miitopia Map
Miitopia Map

I wouldn’t recommend this game for people that prefer a Final Fantasy or Kingdown Hearts experience. The animation is pretty basic in a charming way. You’re team is traveling across the land retrieving stolen faces. It doesn’t seem like the face removal is fatal for most of the Non Player Characters. If fans of those franchises can overlook that, Miitopia is fun. Your not on a right timeline. So, you can focus on finding treasure and raising each characters level. Rushing through the game only makes battles needlessly difficult.

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