Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu Seems Like Pokemon Yellow To Me

The Christmas that I received Pokemon Blue and my translucent purple Game Boy Color was the same morning that I got Pokemon Yellow. Since I started my Pokemon Trainer journey with Squirtle (Water Type Pokemon), I had no issue defeating Brock, the Ground Pokemon Gym Leader. However, Pokemon Yellow is similar to the TV show.... Continue Reading →

I used to be terrified of Lynels. In my opinion, they are mid-level bosses scattered in different areas of the Hyrule. Terrain does not matter. They can handle different climates. If you don't mark their locations on your map, you stumble upon them unprepared to fight. Luckily they are large creatures with distinct weapons and... Continue Reading →

Miitopia: A Low Stress Fantasy Role Playing Game for Casual Gamers

After playing Pokemon Arceus, Breath of the Wild, and Rune Factory 5, I was in the mood for a minimal effort RPG. I didn't want to be bogged down by lengthy arcs. Nor, run around in an open world. I guess, I missed the surprise of unexpected battles with monsters. I wanted a strategy game... Continue Reading →

What Level of Love Do I Need To Progress in Rune Factory 5

A few weeks ago, I started playing Rune Factory 5. If I had to describe, it was like Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing had a baby. I didn't play the previous Rune Factory games. Since I'm starting so late in the series, fans may not agree with my comparison. Either way, I love The... Continue Reading →

From Pocket Camp to Animal Crossing New Horizons back to Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing is one of my favorite Nintendo game series. When I was a preteen, one of the kids I babysat introduced me to the game. He had a GameCube and I was saving to buy my own. At that point, I saw a few trailers for the game. The marketing scheme at that time... Continue Reading →

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