Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Helped Me Face Breath of the Wild Lynels

I used to be terrified of Lynels. In my opinion, they are mid-level bosses scattered in different areas of the Hyrule. Terrain does not matter. They can handle different climates. If you don’t mark their locations on your map, you stumble upon them unprepared to fight. Luckily they are large creatures with distinct weapons and characteristics. Most of the time, you’ll spot them before they see you. Plus, the Sheikah Slate let’s you warp to linked towers and shrines. This escape route can get tedious. Also, this method only works with shrines and towers that you’ve awakened throughout the game.

Breath of the Wild Red Maned Lynel

Do You Have To Fight A Lynel Head On?

Don’t bother attacking from a distance. Damage inflicted by arrows is minimal. A Lynel’s aim is precise and they don’t need to lock eyes on you. If they have a general idea of the distance and location your arrows came from, their arrows will rain down on you. Plus, their bows can shoot multiple arrows. If they don’t think charging at you is worth the effort, they’ll decrease your health gage with arrows. Then, finish off with a charge and strike with their lethal weapons. Depending on the type you run into, their rampage can end you pretty quickly.

Lynels appear in five different variations in Breath of the Wild, including the standard red-maned Lynels, Blue-Maned Lynels, White-Maned Lynels, Silver Lynels, and the Master Mode exclusive Golden Lynels.

Lynel – Zelda Wiki – Fandom

How Did Age Of Calamity Help You Deal With Breath of the Wild Lynel’s

Welp, Age of Calamity is more about combatives than strategy. Because of that, the player has a few objectives that must be met to clear the stage. You have control of a few key character’s that you demand to fight in various locations. Depending on the nature of the mission. The player has to eliminate a specific amount of enemies or must gain control of the battlefield within a certain amount of time. This is where Lynels come in. Not only are you dealing with these half beast half horse creatures, your surrounded by their minions. In some cases, you’ve got to deal with sveral Lynels at close range in one battle. Age of Calamity takes them to another level. Instead of having elemental arrows, you end up fighting Lynel’s that are electric, fire, ice, and malice. If this mission requires you to eliminate them, you can’t avoid them. That’s why I was numb to fighting Breath of the Wild Lynels. 

Are Breath of the Wild Lynels Easier to Fight Than Age of Calamity?

Breath of the Wild Lynel in the snow

No, they are harder. For starters, you can’t upgrade your weapons in Breath of the Wild like Age of Calamity. Overtime, you start to learn how durable and strong your favorite weapons are. Unless you complete the side quest for Link’s house, there’s no place to store excess weapons. Age of Calamity has a limit on how many weapons you can carry. However, you can sell them or use them to upgrade your weapons. Plus, Age of Calamity weapons don’t break.

Since I’m more of an Archer than a swordsman, I have to have high damage and high durability weapons, as well as, food and elixers for healing. A few faries doesn’t hurt either, because they’ll heal you on their own. Whereas, Age of Calamity gives you an elemental gage full of attack power separate form your weapon. Two, you can prepare meals that take effect before the battle begins. Three, you have access to several characters that can take turns inflicting damage. Breath of the Wild is basically a “me against the world” type of game.

Final Thoughts

Breath of the Wild Link fighting Red Maned Lynel

Since I’ve conquered my in-game fears of Lynels, I’ve obtained powerful bows, weapons, and shields. They make is easier to deal with weaker enemies and the sentinels, which I loath more than Lynels. If I plan to plunder Hyrule castle, I have a few Lynels bows and weapons ready to go. If you take the wrong turn, you’ll end up fighting Lynels in the castle too. I’m curious to see if these terrifying mid-level bosses will be in Legend of Zelda:Tears of the Kingdom?


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