Abbott Elementary Valentine Drama

*Spoiler Alert* ~ Post may contain some spoilers from Season One thru Two of Abbott Elementary, as well as, S2 E14 [Just noticed that’s literally 2/14].

Raise your hand if your frustrated with Gregory. If you don’t know who Gregory Eddie is, he’s a fictional First Grade Teacher at Abbot Elementary. He started as a substitute teacher that was waiting for a principal position to open up. By the end of S1, he decides to become a full-time teacher.

Egg Drop Scene with Jeanine and Gregory of Abbott Elementary
Jeanine and Gregory, Abbott Elementary, S2 E8 Egg Drop

This thoughtful man is putting his relationship energy into the wrong person. Nothing against his current girlfriend. In fact Amber’s forward personality is likely the reason Gregory started dating her in the first place. However, a relationship built on convenience might burn out faster than he thinks. Wouldn’t be the first time it happened to him [aka Taylor, but will get into that later]. After all, the two started dating during cuffing season.

You’d think I found this explanation on Urban Dictionary. Nope, this is from Merriam-Webster 🤭

On Halloween, Amber asked Jeanine to give Gregory a goodie bag with her number. Initially, Gregory turned the bag of candy down, because he only likes 95% Dark Chocolate. Can you imagine how bitter that must taste? Jeanine discovers the note after  Greg turns the bag down. Since Jeanine is oblivious to Gregory’s interest in her, she basically sabotages herself by making sure he gets Amber’s number. Long story short, he decides to pursue Amber. If this was a cuffing season relationship, Gregory’s Valentine’s Day flop may lead to a spring break up. What do those faces say to you?

Gregory and Amber Reacting to Jeanine’s Valentine’s Day gift from Maurice

Is it the Thought that counts?

During S2 E14, we see Gregory stressing about Amber’s gift in the Teachers Lounge. He’s got a few options, but can’t decide which is best. Once he narrows it down to one, he asks Jeanine for her opinion. Jeanine praises him for getting such a thoughtful gift, but was it the best present for Amber? A person can put a lot of thought into a present, but the recipients preferences matter. At this point, the two have likely exchanged Christmas presents. At the vert least, he’s observed her likes. So, how’d he miss the mark? Amber’s a fashionista. Her reaction to Maurice’s gift for Jeanine proves it. Its almost like Gregory got the right gift for someone else. Maybe he has Jeanine on the brain.

Are Gregory & Jeanine End Game?

Gregory’s infatuation with Jeanine started pretty early S1. Don’t get me wrong, I respect the slow burn. I’m curious how long we’ll have to wait for Gregory to stop sabotaging himself. Cause he clearly is attracted to Jeanine and likes her more than a friend. He indirectly encourages her to break up with a boyfriend she’d clearly outgrown. When the ex tried to rekindle the fire, he warned Jeanine that her ex anticipated more than dinner with her. Let’s not forget, Greg tried to interfere with Maurice getting to know Jeanine. A man can do these things with no romantic intentions, but his core teacher crew at Abbott are not blind. They’re basically watching this will-they-wont-they with us.

Since Jacob is like many of us impatient viewers, he’s the only one that has directly ask Gregory about his feelings. He decides to use Greg’s nonverbal ques to confirm his suspicion and tell Jeanine. Now, Jacob let the cat out of the bag, but the other staff cosigned his statement. Gregory’s focus on giving Amber a memorable Valentine’s Day gift, causes Jeanine to doubt her peers claims. For now, it’s looking like they won’t. After all, this is the second relationship that Jeanine has witnessed.

Let’s back track, Gregory had a short flame with Taylor, Ms. Barbara’s daughter. The two met during S1 E10 Open House. Jeanine invited Gregory out for drinks, but Taylor already beat her to the punch. That relationship petered out by S2 E2 Wrong Delivery. Who knows. Maybe Gregory hasn’t tried to date Jeanine, because he thinks that she’s nice to everyone. There’s a possibility that he isn’t ready for a long-term/road to marriage relationship. Not that Jeanine is the type that would expect an engagement. That’s how Gregory could see her. If he isn’t ready for that, he’ll be more likely date women that he doesn’t see a future with. Jeanine is struggling with the notion of liking two people at once. If Gregory keeps dating polar opposites of Jeanine, their ship may sink before it sets sail.

Final Thoughts

Before you go, it’s important to keep in mind that Abbott Elementary is a Comedy Series not a Drama. That’s doesn’t mean Gregory and Jeanine won’t get together. Their chemistry is like a side story. Its not the meat and potatoes of each episode. The writers give us something to work with. Their relationship may not progress in a fairytale way and that’s okay. Its makes their side story more realistic and interesting to watch. That being said, Gregory is still getting on my nerves. TGIF everybody. Have a nice weekend and see ya Monday!


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