Lore Olympus Volume One

I love public libraries, because they make it possible to borrow new books. Last week, I was looking for Anonymous Noise, a manga. During my search, I found Lore Olympus: Volume One! The Webtoon phenomenon is available at several locations and websites, because Penguin Random House is Rachel Smythe’s publisher. Sadly, I did not get Volume One for Christmas. The hardcover version of the Webtoon comic cost $26.99 in the U.S. Although paperbacks are available, I prefer hardcover for comics. I’m glad my local library had a copy.

Don’t get me wrong, Rachel Smythe‘s book is worth the money. I fast pass Lore Olympus. The first episode I unlocked was 99 [Cupid’s Arrow]. Wow…I’ve fast passed for almost two years…

The hard cover book contains glossy pages. I was surprised that Smythe did not update the artwork for the first volume. After a second thought, I realized supporters can relive the series alongside new fans. Below are a few photos from the book. [I love Hades quote to Persephone! I had to add it to the gallery.]

In my opinion, the hard cover volumes are worth the money because of the storytelling. As the cover implies, the comic is about Hades and Persephone relationship. We all know the Big Blue Daddy and Pink Cinnamon Roll are end game. Due to the pacing of the story, their romantic development is a slow burn. Part of that stems from the gods/mythical creatures and circumstances surrounding them.

Life is not fair. Greek Mythology doesn’t stray away from that. In my opinion, Smythe modern adaptations addresses trauma, toxic traits, and genuine emotional connections. Self worth dictates how some of those themes play out. In reality, self worth impacts how we treat people, as well as, how we allow others to treat us.

As a result, most of the protagonist and antagonist, have a justification for their actions. The audience does not have to like the characters motivations. Smythe gives her audience the why and the how. Most readers appreciate the character development. That is why I hope Lore Olympus continues to print volumes till the series is complete. Webtoon is one of my favorite self-care apps, but I want a physical keepsake of Smythe’s story.

Volume One only has the first 25 episodes. Currently, the series has 190 episodes. Rachel Smythe is on a 4-month hiatus. So, Lore Olympus is still going strong. Volume Two is available for pre-order. Fingers crossed for Volume Three publication date!

Do you like modern adaptations of Greek mythology?

Are you Lore Olympus fan? If so, when did you start reading?

Will Volume One and Volume Two help you get through this 4-month hiatus?

Sharing is caring! Let me know what you think.

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