Crumbs from a Slice of Romance

I have a confession to make. I was bummed about Lore Olympus 4-month hiatus. I read the mid-season finale Christmas night. Most Lore Olympus fans will understand how I felt…Danie Sterling a.k.a. Whitherling helped soothe that heart ache. Melodramatic as it sounds, I didn’t want to start a new-to-me Webtoon series that would tempt me to fast pass [pay to read episodes before publish date]. That’s how I found Crumbs.

A Slice of Romance

Crumbs is a completed Webtoon Original that is free to read. Ray, a young seer, frequents Marigold’s Bakery. Laurie, barista and Marigold’s nephew, notices Ray’s weekly older. Tea with a slice of Romance. Literally, the delicious bread is infused with Romance. Marigold baked treats infused with with feelings her customers want to intensify or cultivate in their lives. Naturally, the two glance at each other from time to time. Attraction and curiosity are present in their interactions. So, why does Ray need a slice of Romance? She’s a unique seer.

A Fantastical World in Modern Time

If your familiar with Steven Universe, Ray’s ability is similar to Padparadacha’s. She can only see the present and the past. Why does that matter? Although, Ray can use her ability at will, it can be involuntarily triggered by touch and thoughts. She has a tendency to unwillingly invade others privacy. If you feel like Romance is out of reach, wouldn’t you indulge in a slice of Romance at Marigold’s Bakery? Initially, Laurie didn’t know about Ray’s power. His disarming nature makes it hard for Ray to resist his charm. He takes the lead without pushing too hard. This delicate dance is illustrated through non-verbal ques and adorable virtual assistants.

Sterling sets a budding romantic mood in a modern enchanted world. Public transportation is common, as well as, broom riders. Yes, flyers must be licensed. Smartphones have adorable wisp that are more than tiny personal assistants. At least, they are to Ray and Laurie. Stella and Wobble are older model AI programs beloved by their owners.

Stella and Wobble are adorable little match makers 💕

Star Crossed Lovers with Star Crossed Dreams

Sadly, a lovely story needs a little conflict. A few tropes are used in the story, but the focal point is a fork in the road. Ray and Laurie have dreams outside of their relationship. Both are activity working towards their goals. However, one is a childhood dream; where as, the other is a borderline obligation. Sometimes, people run into road blocks on a meticulously constricted path. Although the story is placed in a magical world, it felt like a slice of life story to me.

Career set backs occured in both characters lives. There was opportunity for character development with insight coming from side characters. In my opinion, Crumbs is a coming of age story with the potential for a diverse audience. The story has a satisfying conclusion. The ending tied enough loose ends that it didn’t feel abrupt. Lately, I’ve come across series with abrupt endings like Edith and Assassin Roommate. So, I’m glad Crumbs did not have a similar fate.

Bad News and Good News

Unfortunately, Whitherling is no longer working with Webtoon, but she’s moving forward! Did you know Harper Collins is printing Crumbs? It will be available in paperback and hardcover July 19, 2022! The complete story will be in graphic novel format with 384 glorious pages! Honestly, I am happy it won’t be broken down into several volumes. The Webtoon Original is comprised of 55 Episodes. Depending on the length, a few volums could come across as a money grab. If you’re curious, Whitherling is sharing her publishing journey through Twitter and Instagram.

Its amazing that webcomics are gaining so much popularity that publishers are willing to print them. It shows the sky is the limit for creators with a supportive fan base.

For more information about Danie Sterling , see the following links:

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