The Weeknd Serenades

Crew Love by Drake was the first time I was entranced by The King of the Fall a.k.a. The Weeknd. It was 2012, his voice sounded passionate and vulnerable. It’s hard not to sing along. Honestly, Crew Love felt more like a Drake feature to me. Similar to how Chris Brown basically takes over any song he’s featured in. As much as I like Drake, his versus were disrupting The Weeknd melodic voice.

Image Courtesy of KindPNG

Back then, I wasn’t making an effort to look into artist. I’m terrible with names, it can take me a year to finally remember the name of a song I’ve been vibing with. Four years later, I heard Starboy on the radio. I recognized his voice immediately. At that point, I had a iTunes gift card just waiting to be used. I previewed a few songs and decided to buy a digital copy of his album. From there I was hooked.

The Weeknd is one of the few artist I make an effort to keep up with. Since I use social media on a regular basis, it’s not hard to have the latest and greatest shoved in your face. This doesn’t mean the artist that I actually want to keep up with can break through the white noise. If I love a particular song, I have to seek out the official music video. Unlike most of the music videos that I like, I listened to the track first. If you’re not familiar with The Weeknd, I hope you spend sometime listening to my Top Ten Favorite Music Videos. In the interest of time, I decided to start with my No. 1 and work my way down. Enjoy!

1. Star Boy

2. I Feel It Coming featuring Daft Punk

3. Die For You

4. Take My Breath

5. Heartless

6. Call Out My Name

7. Save Your Tears

8. Blinding Lights

9. The Hills

10. Earned It

Like Motivational Mondays, Magnify Your Style’s Playlist was one of those segments I let fade into oblivion. I am thinking about bringing it back as a weekly post. Right now, I publish two post a week. Would you like me to add a third weekly post for music?

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