Meme Mondays with Trisha : HalloThanksMas

We’ve reflected on several hard themes this Summer. It felt like we were overdue for some light hearted content. But what to search for? I was slightly amused to see Halloween decorations immediately displayed after the Fourth of July. However, Christmas is displayed alongside Halloween decorations as early as September. This clear violation of commerical holiday etiquette has inspired memes I’d like to share with you all.

Surprisingly, it was hard to find HalloThanksMas Memes. There is an assortment of holiday anticipation memes and Santa’s disregard for the Halloween icons and the Thanksgiving Turkey. Time seems to move faster when the stores display holiday decorations and treats two to three months in advance. Speaking of treats, has anyone noticed how are stores like Walmart sell holiday cookies, brownies, and rice krispies? It’s not bakery fresh. Once opened they need to be consumed within four to five days. Otherwise it will go stale. Just a thought when your buying treats for you party or family. How long has this been sitting here?

Although I am the type of person to watch Christmas movies year-round, I don’t subject other people too it
I’m not willing to carve a watermelon, but I’m tired of summer. To the point that I’m already drinking Pumpkin Spice Coffee.
Thanksgiving decorations are hard to find. It kind of gets mixed in with Autumn decor. After Halloween, you’ll only find disposable table wear and a handful of centerpieces. So I get the Turkey’s frustration.
This is more of a seasonal meme. I’m looking forward to basic apparel. Hoodies, leggings, and cute boots. 🥰
This is the start of one of my favorite Christmas Bob’s Burgers Episodes. Fresh cut trees bought and displayed this early are risky.
November is that fun time of year when you see neighbors either decorating for Christmas exceedingly early, a bit late, or not at all. Still, carved pumpkins don’t have a long life on the porch. Many are forgotten after Halloween.
If I had to guess, one mourns the end of spooky season while the other is ready to spread tithings of great joy…or be Santa’s little helper.

That’s all folks for the HalloThanksMas Memes. Hope you smirked and/or chuckled today.  See you tomorrow for Tuesday’s mystery post!

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