TGIF: Nailed It! Season 7 Only Has 4 Episodes and I Loved Them

Let me start by saying I love Nicole Byer, I’ve followed her career since MTVs Girl Code. Jacque is lovable too, but Nicole is what made me check out Nailed It! Since I have an on again off again relationship with Netflix, I missed the first season that became bingeable in March 2018. The Second Season was released June of the same year. So I caught up quickly. I don’t know if I’d call myself a Day One fan of Nailed It! and Nicole Byer, but I do make an effort to stay up to date with both. Totally unrelated but Grand Crew Season 2 is in the works and I can’t wait to watch it on PeacockTV. That being said, I was excited to see the Nailed It! Halloween announcement on Instagram!

Season Seven is a Bit Undercooked

Since I’ve got a family to manage, I combine me-time with home management when possible. Sometimes, my phone turns into a mini TV for baking and cooking time. I decided to casually watch Season 7 while baking pumpkin bread. Festive right? In general, Nailed It Episodes arent long. After the fourth episode ended, Netflix resumed an episode from Season 3 (I’m assuming that was were I left off at some point). I thought that maybe I skipped the next episode by a accident. As many of you know by now. I didn’t. That’s how I found out Season 7 only had four episodes.

  1. Cobra Kai – “The hapless contestants dig deep to make colourful “Cobra Kai” soft pretzels and a Halloween dance fight cake.
  2. The Witcher – “Contestants frost creature’s faces and try to conjure cakes from the world of “The Witcher,” resulting in wicked fails.”
  3. Umbrella Academy – “Offbeat treats scream “Umbrella Academy,” from a trio of Griddy Doughnuts action figures to a towering Hazel and Cha-Cha cake.”
  4. Slime Time – “The going gets gross as the bakers tackle gooey jack-o-lanterns and an alien autopsy cake leaking edible slime.”

I’ll admit the last episode is a bit random. It is a Halloween theme, but it looked like this season was going to be centered around Netflix Originals. So, it’s like the theme was going to be Stranger Things and it got changed at the last minute. Since I love Chelsea Peretti, I was more than willing to overlook that. Wondering why it’s only four episodes?

The crew went on strike during filming. It seems releasing an unfinished product was a smart move on Netflix’s part. Nailed It! is a popular Netflix Baking Competition Show that isn’t know for long seasons. So four episode would raise an eyebrow, but it wouldn’t necessarily cause alarm. I honestly assumed it was because they made the effort to bring in Netflix talent from other shows and even customized the Nailed It trophies for it. Plus, news hasn’t been kind about Netflix subscriber numbers going down, as well as, downsizing staff. I wonder if we’ll get a Nailed It! Holiday this year?

By the way…

Did you know that Nailed! It has a mobile app? After you download it, it’ll ask which Netflix account you want to use to save progress. I was aware Netflix has games, but I wasn’t sure how they worked. Nor did I have the desire to look into it. Since we’re going into Nailed It! this week, it seemed only right to go down the rabbit whole. Let me tell you, that game is harder than it looks.

Nailed It Baking Bash Challenge Complete

You have the option of baking with friends or baking backstage. Since I was playing this out of curiosity, I decided to cook back stage. Jacque explained to me how things would work and away I went.

  • Make The Cake
  • Cut out Fondant
  • Ice Cakes and Stack Cakes
  • Make Details (Cookies)
  • Decorate The Cake…Your Done!

Now that sounds easy enough, but you have to be very careful. I had to hold on to the ingredients till the item was empty. Then make sure I didn’t drop the wrapper/container in the cake. The fondant, icing and details are traced out and shaped by the player. So you have a greater chance of making a terrible cake. They don’t make stacking the cake or adding the finishing touches easy either. I do like that the game gives the player the opportunity to share their master piece. That’s how I got the picture with in-game Jacque and Nicole. I’ll admit I had to send the picture to my husband to get it (I figured he’d wouldn’t question why I sent it to him). If you plan to play, using a stylis will give you a better chance of making a cake worth $10,000. Well…kind of. I mean to my

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  1. I’ve never heard of this before but the premise reminded me very much of The Great British Bake-off. I love Nicole Byer on Total Wipeout so I’ll watch the Halloween one now and the Christ,as one and when Bake-off ends I’ll start watching it from the start.

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      1. I do! There’s an audience for that. Some of the streaming apps do it, but their algorithms aren’t all inclusive. Like they have an agenda. It would also spice up holiday binge watching. Since Freeform is not as good as ABC Family/Fox Family used to be with their holiday marathons.

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