TGIF: The Abandoned Empress is a TappyToon

Out of curiosity and a need for graphic novels that weren’t on a screen, I decided to borrow a copy of The Abandoned Empress. After finishing Volume I, I was hooked and pleased to read the second volume was coming to print early 2022. Since, it’s October, I googled The Abandoned Empress and found out Volume II is available. So, I took my search a step further. Is The Abandoned Empress a Webcomic? As my title implies, it is! Instead of sticking to print, I ended up back on my smartphone searching for more digital content. That is how I stumbled upon this week’s TGIF topic.

Whose The Abandoned Empress

Aristia La Monique is nobleman’s daughter that is symbolically chained to Crown Prince Rueliss from birth, because a prophesy implied she’d be the 34 Empress. Similar to Navier of The Remarried Empress, Aristia is raised to be the Empress of Castina Empire. In her late teens, She gets sidelined by an Onyx haired beauty that is not of this world. Determined to keep Aristia under his thumb, Rueliss (which sounds like a play on the word ruthless) makes Aristia his Consort.

Aristia can’t marry someone else and must reside in the Imperial household.  She’s constantly taunted by her betrothed. A series of unfortunate events led to her execution. Before she meets her end, Aristia wishes she’d never loved the 34th Emporer and is granted a second chance to change her fate. At this time, I don’t know if the choices she makes in Volume I changes the outcome of her story. Volume I’s cliffhanger was enough to make me look into it.

Love Interests…and a Rival?

After a visit to the temple, a new prophesy specifically about Aristia puts three teenagers in her future path. I see it as two love interests…and a rival. Bachelor Number One is ALLENDIS DE VERITA, Second Son of Duke VERITA. The green eyed and green haired genius has a forward thinking mind. Due to his over zealous nature, he must prove his worth to the “Shield of the Empire.” How? I could tell you, but…

Scar Lies to Simba Gif

Bachelor Number Two is CARSEIN DE RASS,  Second Son of Duke ARKINT DE RASS and First Imperial Princess ERNIA SHANA DE RASS. We don’t get much time with him in Volume I. It’s clear that he is a rambunctious young man. Last and certainly least is the crown prince…

I would love to say that Crown Prince RUVELISS of the past is kinder to Arista, but he’s not. So, I don’t really want to consider him a love interest. Hence the Rival part of the subheader. He’s giving Crown Prince Eros from Your Thrown and Crown Prince Damian from Cierra. Both are Webtoons I’ve read and enjoy. I don’t care for those Princes either.

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up


There is a fan art inspired adaptation available on Webtoon, but it’s not an alternative for  TappyToon. The Webtoon Canvas glazes over all the info I got from Volume I. The motivation behind this Canvas is an alternate ending type webcomic. Searching for it might spoil the fate of one of the Love Interest listed above for you. I don’t tell you this to tempt you. I’m a very late to the game type of fan. I’m not numb to spoilers, but I accept them as a result of my fickle nature. You’ve been warned. Click here if you want to read more about it.

If its any consolation, the Manhwa (a style of South Korean comic books and graphic novels with strong female leads) is available to read on TappyToons. The first three episodes are free. Then, it’s 300 Points an episode. Season One has a total of 46 Episodes, Season Two has 41, and Season Three has 58. If you want to avoid spoilers, I advise taking my word for it. Sometimes, the Sneak Preview Panel can give a lot away. Will you spend 17,484 Points or will you wait patiently for each volume? By the way, the first volume doesn’t have all 46 episodes of Season One. You can’t skip Season One and go directly to Season Two.

More Information

Before you make up your mind about the comic, Korean copies were printed first. DC Webtoon Biz printed the first Volume in 2017. Yen Press LLC, a U.S. publisher, printed the English translation in October 2021. The Second Volume was printed March 2022. Its likely the Webcomics popularity on Tappy Toons and the graphic novels performance overseas gave Yen Press the confidence to print Volume III, a year after Volume I’s debut.

Bachelor Number Two is on the cover!

If you want see the pacing for printing the English translation, keep an eye on Harumio.


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