Will Yonder Impact Ad Revenue For Sites That Translate Web Novels

Late last year, Webtoon announced it’s new web novel app called Yonder. They weren’t very subtle about it. I recall seeing Yonder sponsored post for The Remarried Empress on my news feed (a similar method convinced me to checkout Lore Olympus). In my opinion, selecting The Remarried Empress webcomic was a wise choice. Season Two was cut short for medical reasons. Overall, the fandom was very supportive and understanding. Still, many searched for ways to continue the story. This is were translation websites come into play.

On The Hunt For More

During hiatus, some fans will find a way to quench their thirst. Those fans are willing to forfeit certain luxuries. Such as, illustrations. For example, my library only has Volume I and II of Fan Girl. So, I found the novel the manga was based on and finished the story. As much as I love comics and graphic novels, I had to know what was going to happen next. That being said, FREE99 might mean putting up with ads and waiting for the host to upload the latest Chapter. The consumer could purchase the original webnovel, but most of us aren’t willing to translate a webcomic or webnovel ourselves. Convenience and accessibility help translation sites make passive income from ad revenue and site engagement. Yonder has the means to steer Webtoon readers away from translation sites. Yonder gives Webtoon access to an untaped market, as well as, growing anticipation for future webcomic episodes.

Why is Yonder a Threat to Translation Websites

Let’s face it, it appears to be a database of Japanese and Korean web novels. Readers are visiting multiple websites to keep track of all their web novels. That’s assuming Yonder has everything the reader is keeping up with. There’s a better chance of completing a series. Translation sites can get taken down or abandoned. Although the content is free, the sites publishing schedule can vary. In the age of “I want it now” audience loyalty can waver. Still, Yonder Web Novels are free…with a catch.

Daily Pass, Again?!

Yes the lovely daily restriction is used heavily for Yonder. It’s hard to find a series that isn’t Daily Pass. Plus, they are only available for 3 days! I’m not sure who’d budge and buy Yonder currency. For starters, fans coming from Webtoon aren’t necessarily new to the story. So there’s less of a reason to rush through it. Still the Completionist reader may decide to read the web novel from start to finish. The Time Skipper can’t start where the webcomic left off without facing the Daily Pass wall. So, do they come back later or submit to their binge reading tendencies. If the reader’s exhausted Yonders three ways to read for free, they can purchase coins.

Three Ways to Read Yonder for Free

We Can’t Escape Coins

On the surface, Yonder coin bundle rivals Webtoons. It would seem they’ve taken a page from TappyToon. Sure, Yonder users get more coin for their buck, but Yonder Chapters cost more than Webtoon Episodes.

Webtoon Daily Pass rate for a Completed Series is 3 Coins each. Ongoing Series range from 5 to 7 Coins each. However, Yonder Chapters cost 29 Coins or 290 coins for 10 Chapters. Considering that’s just 29 times 10, I don’t see how that’s a good deal. Using that logic, you’d only unlock 31 chapters for $4.99.

Final Thoughts

Theoretically, a consumer would save more money buying a digital or hard copy of the completed web novel. Convenience and accessibility make it possible for free apps with in-app purchases to flourish. Since Yonder is backed by Webtoon, users that use the same log in for Webtoon will grant Yonder access to the user’s preferences. Armed with that information, Yonder may eliminate the need to search for translated chapters of web novels that birthed the user’s favorite webcomics.


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