TGIF: Bridgerton Books Come to Life…Kind of

Raise your hand if the trending Netflix Show made you hunt down Julia Quinn’s novels? I am guilty as charged. Not only am I delighted by the length of series. I am thrilled Netflix is adapting it. I put the emphasis on adapting, because I noticed distinct differences between Bridgerton Season One and The Duke and I (Daphne’s Story). This is one of those moments we’re it’s good and bad that I went into the series with rose tinted glasses.

Character Introduction

Regardless or Simon’s description he will always look like RegĂ©-Jean Page in my mind. I have no quama about Daphne’s appearance either, but her circumstances in the show compared to the book is a bit misleading. (Spoiler Alert) She’s not the diamond of the season. She’s a beauty whose constantly friend zoned and surrounded by well meaning but intimidating Bridgerton men.

Film Adaptation Twist the Novels Drama

There are other points within the show where plot devices are adjusted for a more drama than I deem necessary. Again, I watched the show before I read Daphne’s Story. My opinions are more like afterthoughts of book to film analysis, because I went the Netflix Original blind. Unless I missed something, the Queen doesn’t seem to be an active player right off the bat. In the show she can be an obstacle. I don’t recall reading anything about her influence or thoughts on the Lady Bridgerton’s children. Also a big reveal happens in Season One that happens much later in the series. As a reader that kind of takes the spark out of the future reveal.

Bridgerton Books I’ve Borrowed

Confession time. I don’t buy all the books I read. Also, I haven’t watched Season Two of Bridgerton. My local library got the updated hardcover Julia Quinn books with the bonus epilogue. When I eventually make time to watch Season Two, I’ll be ready for the Lord Bridgerton’s love story. Without giving to much away, it’s surprising to read each siblings views and opinions on love.

In addition, there is more than one Bridgerton series. I figured that out the hard way by reading Because of Miss Bridgerton. So if you don’t know, now you know.

Bridgerton Books I Own

I bought my first Julia Quinn book at Walmart. I noticed the book, because the cover art was similar to promotional images for the show. Plus, it had a Netflix logo on the cover. So, I knew I had the right book. Its interesting that Daphne is the third child but her story starts the series.

I bought Colin’s story at Target. That particular day, I felt like I needed to treat myself. I was looking for Marriage Be Hard, but it was sold out. I decided to find out, who the third Bridgerton boy was behind the mischievous smile.

Honorable Mention

Technically, I borrowed Miss Butterworth and the Mad Baron. I decided to discuss it as an honorable mention, because the couple is mentioned near the end of the Bridgerton Series. Seeing it illustrated really makes you realize how sad and violent her story is. I wouldn’t mind watching a short animated series about the graphic novel. Just a thought…


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