What’s Baking It?

About two months ago, I mentioned taking advantage of Peacock’s $19 for the year special. I’ve put the subscription to good use. After about five season of Real House Wives of Beverly Hills, I decided to watch something a bit more light hearted and amusing. That show was Baking It.

The six episode holiday baking competition debuted Dec 2, 2021. After Brooklyn Nine Nine came to an end, I was excited to see Andy Samberg hosting the show with Maya Rudolph (loved her in Bridesmaid and Grown Ups). Contestant competed in duos that had an assortment of relationships. Father and son, siblings, couples, and family friends competed for $50,000 in a Christmas Wonderland.

Andy Samberg and Maya Rudolph speaking with Baking It Contestants

Honestly, the competition didn’t get cut throat. This wasn’t necessarily a collection of professional bakers, but it wasn’t a kitchen full of amateurs either. It was like watching Christmas Cookie Challenge without a dash of arrogance and show boating. These home bakers enjoy showing their love and affection through food. Now that doesn’t mean bakers were prepared to handle every challenge. Where’s the fun in that? So, whose going to judge these bakers?A group of spicy grannies that’s who!

“When the chairs are rocking, the grannies are talking about you!”

Maya Rudolph and Andy Samberg, hosts of Baking It.

They might look like a couple of ladies you’d see in a Hallmark Christmas Movie, but they’ll tell you how it is. Between footage of baking and inprove, the grannies get cozy in the rockers with warm drinks and cozy throw blankets. When it’s time to sample the goodies, the ladies gather around the table with the hosts and dig in. If the duo is lucky, they’ll get a lapel. The eliminated team gets a heartfelt goodbye.

Baking It Hosts and Grannies in Christmas Robes

The last detail I’ll share is the hosts interactions with the competitors. It felt like the writers made an effort to avoid some of the black holes that hosts fall into. What are you making? What inspired this? Do you think you have enough time? Question that mine as well be prerecorded on a device and pressed for each competitor. In the spirit of avoiding spoilers, I won’t reveal how they did it. However, Baking It won the 2021 Writers Guild of America Award for Best Quiz and Audience. Just incase I still haven’t convinced you to watch Baking It, here’s a sample of the shenanigans you may encounter.

Guess what? Baking It was renewed for Season Two, but…Adam Samberg was replaced by Amy Phoeler of Making It. She also made cameos in Season One of Baking It. Considering all three are Saturday Night Live alumni and successful comedic actors, I’m not worried about the host swap. Season Two will debut and air weekly starting December 12.

Who plans or catching up/rewatching Season One? I know I am.

25 Days of Christmas is notorious for reruns, why not experience the laughs and heart warming moments of Baking It again [for the second time this year]?


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